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Do you know what is couperose? We teach you how to treat it with blisters MartiDerm

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It is quite possible you’ve never heard of cuperosis, but is a relatively common condition that can happen to us tod @ s. Many of us, even the confused with rosacea.

While cuperosis is usually mild and does not cause too many complications, it can cause serious problems if not treated well.
In addition, the cuperosis causes red spots on the face can become really uncomfortable and annoying to wear. In this post we tell you what it is and how to treat it .

It is a skin condition linked to
problems of microcirculation . Basically it affects the blood vessels in the skin of our face. The result is the formation of small veins or varicose veins in different parts of the face.

We can find cuperosis in all skin types.
His appearance is favored by
factorssuch as intense emotions, intake of alcohol, coffee or spicy foods, snuff, digestive disorders, excessive exposure to sunlight or continued use of topical corticosteroids.

This is because
there are multiple connections between the skin and nervous system . In fact, one of our post we talked about these connections. On the other hand, it should be noted that not considered a skin disease.

This aesthetic skin disorder has a
higher prevalence in women , especially those with sensitive skin, white (types I and II) or thin, with a tendency to redden easily. Its greatest feature is the presence of these small varicose veins , which mainly appear on the cheeks and nostrils as strokes or reddish purple color. To this we can also accompany:

So, once we have counted what it
is, we will explain how you can help MartiDerm.
Many of our products are intended to improve both circulation problems , such as skin elasticity and protection against breakage of the microcapillary. The following three products have proven useful fighting such symptoms:

is a treatment cream, whose use is indicated for such conditions.
The Arnika Gel Cream with SPF 30 sunscreen is suitable for daily use (click here to see article).

It has a restorative and moisturizing ability, calm itching and accelerates healing.
Also, its Vasoprotectives, antioxidant and anti – inflammatory action makes it a unique product.

In addition to our cream, we can complement our blisters treatment with specific proteoglycans for sensitive skin.


As we saw earlier, favoring hydration, elasticity and firmness of the skin, have high tolerance on sensitive skin, and capable of calming the most reactive skin.
Facial treatment protocol is very simple:

get a full and effective treatment to hydrate and firm with antioxidant action, as
well as an improvement in facial microcirculation, better protection of capillaries and a good sunscreen.


We complement our vascular line LegVass: oral capsules.
Its composition is 100% natural, based Buckeye,
Vitis vinifera , Centella asiatica, Ruscus, rutin and vitamin C. They possess antiinflammatory, antiedematous, vasoconstrictor, venotónicas and protective vessel wall, and draining effect helps circulation.

They are suitable for continuous treatment, have
no contraindication and do not contain lactose or gluten. Their mode of use is simple: ingesting one capsule a day.

So, we’ve told you
what the blotches and three MartiDerm products you can use to mitigate its consequences. Do not forget that the best strategy is a good prevention.

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