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Does acne get worse at this time of year?

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We are at that time of year when home you’re hot and then cold, and on the street more of the same. Temperature changes greater or lesser extent cause acne outbreak, which causes you the feeling of returning to adolescence. The so – called acne autumnal appears when the thickness of the skin begins to decrease, because in the summer months and increased sun exposure increases the stratum corneum as a natural defense against external environment. That protects us during the hot season, but the number of dead cells increased significantly, the pore clog and infection appear later, as the cold arrives and decrease the thickness of the skin. The acne 
You can develop anywhere on the body but is most common on the face, neck, chest or back. It is a genetic disease, so that if one of your parents had it , more than likely you also galleys. It also occurs because of hormonal disorders and can be made worse by a poor diet, stress and touching the lesions (pimples or blackheads).
Acniover Purifying Gel got deep clean the skin, remove excess fat and skin microflora balance so that bacteria do not proliferate. Step 1: exfoliates performing a light massage for about two minutes and rinsed with cold water.
* If we’re at the peak of the outbreak, we can skip this step until you
have the calmest skin after a few days of treatment with Acniover Gel and Acniover cremigel . Step 2 : applies Pure Mask , a clay mask cleans and removes impurities. Let stand 10-15 minutes and remove it with water. Acne has its process, so you must be consistent and follow the recommendations of your dermatologist or pharmacist.

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