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To find out what the pharmacy to recommend moisturizers is important to know the properties of each product and the needs of patients depending on your skin type. So says a TodoDermo hemely Varela Aponte, the Training Department Laboratories Darphin Spain , who explains that there are three types of moisturizers, according to their action:

1. Occlusive. “Creams are protecting the epidermis by creating a film which prevents water evaporation” notes.

2. humectants. These products include active hygroscopic that attract moisture and skin dehydration.

3. emollients. Varela said that these creams “soften, soothe, provide flexibility and improve skin appearance.”

Depending on the type of skin may recommend a specific moisturizer.

-Oily skin. Soft and light moisturizers containing humectants and lipids contribute not recommended.

-Dry Skin. “In this case, the skin lacks lipids it needs to retain moisture and form a protective shield, so, please creams with occlusive”.

-Skin standard. According to Varela, normal skin would do well “with moisturizers and emollients moisturizing active for a skin soft and hydrated.”

-Sensitive skin. In his opinion, it is essential to choose products with a natural composition and soothing active because “sensitive skin is prone to allergic reactions, irritation and redness, among other skin conditions.”

For dry skin , from Darphin they advise its range Hydraskin because she says keeps the optimal level of hydration and brings sense of comfort to the skin:

Hydraskin -Serum intensive moisturizing. It included in formulating the complex Extreme Hydration Complex TM , composed extract Granada, “preserving capital skin water”; urea “quea favors water binding in cells”, and polyquaternium, “which enhances water retention”. Varela put this serum for hydration facial that deeply moisturizes, calms and restores the brightness of the face.

-Cream Hydraskin Light. It has a light texture gel, “which gives a refreshing feeling and leaves skin smooth and hydrated.”

-Cream Hydraskin Rich. “This moisturizer is creamy and helps combat dehydration and increase the flexibility of the skin.”

-Cream Hydraskin Essential . It is an emulsion suitable for all skin types.

These three creams have Hydrastructure Technoogy TM , a formulation based on Salicornia, “alga that enhances the diffusion of water to the deeper layers”, and lavender, “an aromatic flower which slows the evaporation of water from the cells and strengthens the natural barrier of the skin. “

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