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Efficacy of the creams for hemorrhoids in dark circles – Pharmacist Post – Todo Dermo

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Hemoal , a specific ointment is indicated for the symptomatic relief of pain, itching or burning associated with hemorrhoids. A few years ago, a canard think this ointment, since many famous said use for the treatment of dark circles and bags.

Hemoal contains two active ingredients that are drugs: ephedrine and benzocaine.

The ephedrine is mixed action sympathomimetic agent that acts producing significant temporary constriction of vessels that nourish skin and mucous membranes. These vasoconstrictor and inflammatory get deflate and drain fluid retention hemorrhoids and could also work for our unsightly bags, rather than dark circles, as has been said in many forums. But  Hemoal is a drug and do not recommend using it for aesthetic purposes

Hemoal also contain benzocaine, a local anesthetic, which applied topically, it relieves pain by reducing the activity of sensitive skin receptors by a reversible blocking of nerve conduction, by decreasing permeability membrane to sodium. But in the case between the ointment on the eyes, it should be washed immediately with plenty of water, so it CAREFUL !!. In addition benzocaine is photosensitizing.

As excipients, the Hemoal contains zinc oxide and petrolatum, these substances may cause irritation in the eye area where the skin is very thin , and even when such fats can cause sensitivity in the area, and sagging. In conclusion I think it might cause more problems than benefits.

The Hemoal , if you have decongestant properties (only one day) but it is not useful in dark circles. And because of side effects I do not recommend as a daily treatment as eye contour.

For bags, works very well, caffeine (similar effect as ephedrine, allowed in cosmetics) and dextran. Also super BEAUTIFEYE TM , active eye contour that I personally have surprised me with the association of two natural active ingredients extracted from plants Siegesbeckia orientalis, and Albizia julibrissin, with extraordinary anti – inflammatory and decongestant properties.
And for dark circles, derivatives of vitamin K.

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