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Eight antiaging tricks for the skin of your face

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With the cold and heating our skin suffers more than ever and dehydrates more easily, which causes the appearance of aging lines . It is necessary to prevent and take care of our face. I’ll give you eight  tricks to make our skin look bright and youthful  even when it ‘s cold.

1. Light up your eyes

It’s no secret that the
first wrinkles to appear are those around the eyes. Dermatologists agree that you are never too young to start to prevent and treat the problem. I recommend Cle De Peau Beaute Intensive Eye Cream Biotherm for lines and dark circles. Are you over 40? Reuses heavy creams gels and serums light to prevent fluid retention and swelling. I love all the Skin11 line. 

2. Add glow

Does the fastest way to hide the effects of a long night on the skin?
Use a highlighter or illuminator . The meteorites Perles Guerlain is a good highlighter powder , evens skin tone and contains light reflectors, creating a luminous complexion. I also like the Illuminator Kiko gel that can be applied in all areas of the face and gives an instant shine.

3. Use cream dermatologists

Check out LaseResults. A linefeed skin care dermatologist Dr. Branw Sephora , which is inspired by the benefits obtained in laser surgery: firmer skin, smaller pores and fewer lines and wrinkles in the future. Star formulated with ingredients such as resveratrol, citric acid, and glutathione, products promise improvements from two weeks.  

4. Erases stains 

Do away stains and closes pores with ease with as simple chitamanchas use of a pen. I love Clarins and Garnier, a formulated with salicylic acid, sulfur and oil tea tree, each application kills bacteria and reduces oil to use as many times as you like as you camouflages stains and tries to make them disappear .

5. Voluminiza your lips

The truth lips lose volume and definition with age. The solution: a nightly application of Anti-Age Lip Renewing Serum Elisabeth Arden, which provides instant hydration and changes color and texture in just two weeks. I love Olay Regenerist Anti-Aging Lip Concentrate, which fills vertical lines and restores moisture.

6. Increases cell renewal

Even the most powerful anti – aging can not break through the skin, dirt and dead cells that accumulate on our skin. Exfoliation provides a clean surface. In the 30, try Neutrogena Microdermabrasion System. After 40, I love using Clinique Turnaround instant facial, which does not irritate the fragile and sensitive skin.

7. Alisa neck

Uneven skin, wrinkles ,
sun, lack of hydration in the neck and neckline adds years to your appearance.
It is an important area and you need to take care of it. I love to Estee Lauder ‘s Resilience Lift Firming Face Cream SPF 15 prevents the sun’s rays and moisturizes.

8. false rendering

If there is an item in your makeup bag should match your skin, it is the foundation. Dior Fusion Flawless Perfection Makeup Forever Wear leaves the skin matte still bright and has moisturizing ingredients and beads reflect light to an end in seconds similar to the skin. I also love Prodigy Foundation Poweecell made with moisturizing skin and stimulating ingredients.

I wish you a very good week. See you in my next post! xxxx

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