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Eight beauty tricks to look younger right away

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Although we have always said that every age has its charm and beauty is only a matter of attitude also is true that makeup and skin – care treatments that help pucha !.

But beware,
when you know some basic rules of makeup, it can become our worst enemy and that help can do us a disservice.

Why we
Jacquie Carter , an expert in beauty therapy and Director of Herbalife Outer Nutrition , who says that “as there are techniques and tricks of makeup that increasing age, there are some who shrink back time.”

Then share the beauty expert
eight tips that will lose you a few years instantly:

The beauty expert says
lipsticks dark colors like reds and purples make you look older, so the recommendation is to choose lipsticks nude colors , natural, pink and mauves with hints of roses.
“With age the lips thin and lose definition. For them to look fuller, the expert recommends using lipstick on the entire surface of the lip to give the base color and then in the middle apply the same color but in brightness, this will cause a play of light that will make you look younger and with fuller lips , he adds.

Do not forget always curl your lashes.
Carter said that besides making
the eye look bigger also causes a visual effect that makes them go higher.

The specialist is aware that
the amount of our eyelashes decreases as we age , but recommended to solve this problem, “encresparlas and wear a mask with alargadora formula and apply it only in superior”.

Current trends point to achieve makeup looks as natural as
possible. That is why
many prefer to use compact powder in the day. But keep in mind that they tend to get into and accentuate wrinkles , so should be used with caution.

Therefore, Jacquie recommends
“prefer loose powder and apply gently with a brush”.

The makeup was made for this, and
if you have any stain or venita that bothers you, cover with makeup.

The beauty and cosmetic dermatology expert recommends using
“a light base made with silicone because it will make your skin look hydrated and fair and necessary brightness. An important point is that there should always apply foundation all over the face, sometimes imperfections are concentrated in one area, such as the nose or chin, so it should only cover these. ”

liner can be your best friend to define your look , but for your last birthday you were already accumulated many candles, you better from now choose a dark brown color for this area and you avoid the black.
“For a wide – eyed look of the recommendation it is to outline from the 45th eye out. You should always avoid delineate the bottom, but in the case of having to do always use a light color , says Carter.

Jacquie warns that when applying blush, you should
avoid getting it well below the cheekbone, because you’ll make all your features look falls.
“Apply little dust gently. Brushstroke should always be out and up, following her cheekbone shape from top to bottom. And if you want to increase the intensity applied more slowly , he explains.

According to
the specialist, the brightness and smoothness are synonymous with youth. Why he says
that those who want to take a few years off should wear light – colored shade with a little shine and natural palettes . And avoid shadows dark brown, purple and black.
“Use cream shadows instead of powder, the latter get into the eyelid folds and wrinkles, making them more noticeable , he says.

Jacquie Carter says that water is the source of eternal youth.
He recommends,
“to be pregnant hydrate from the inside out. We should drink lots of water throughout the day and apply facial moisturizers both day and night religiously. We also prefer makeups with moisturizing properties. “

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