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Eight makeup tricks to rejuvenate your face

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¡¡¡Hola a tod @ s !!! I leave some tips to take away years thanks to makeup. I hope you serve:

1. Make up excess is a one- way ticket to look much older than we are … I always say and I never tire of repeating. If you have dark circles or some stains created by the sun, it corrects itself with a bit of concealer .

2. The skin is well hydrated , fresh skin looks much younger than a leather cover. Moisturizers are tinted light and light particles. Liquid foundations are best for skin with wrinkles. Do not use compact powders or powder foundations, they settle in wrinkles and make the skin look older. A reflective liquid formulation creates the illusion of a radiant complexion . I love Prodigy Powercell of Helena Rubinstein and Chanel Vitalumiere Ultra Light.

3. In these hot days a good trick is to put for a while your moisturizer and your base in the fridge … The feel fresher and your skin will thank you. It will cool looking younger.

4. An eyelash curler, a bright shadow, mascara … will go back in time at least temporarily. Curl your eyelashes, then apply a shadow with a little glimmer or shine, give a little eye liner … are very easy to make your eyes look bigger and therefore rejuvenated things.

5. Look for the mask over black lashes you can find. This will make the whites of your eyes look clearer and white. I love Black Feline from Helena Rubinstein and Instense Black of YSL .

6. Please define eyebrows. When we get older eyebrows tend to be less crowded, especially if we have abused lifelong polish them well. Do it with brush eyebrows and brown powders  (close to the color of your eyebrow). Thick eyebrows can take years off your face.

7. The matte blush and bronzing powder  will make your skin look dull. However if you wake up with a pink touch of blusher on the apples of the cheeks with a bronzeador combined with glitter dust, will highlight more bone cheeks making them look fuller and juicy

  • For clear skin, use a pink sunset like YSL blush.
  • For medium skin,  uses for example a red rouge as Sheer Rouge Arman.
  • For darker skin uses one copper more like Maybelline New York Fit.

8. Give a touch on the natural lip line, because they can begin to fade as time passes and will make the color of lipstick that apply to come off. To avoid this , with a lipstick the same shade as your lips and pulling pinkish (no brown or red) gently shaping the contours of your mouth. Then apply a little color and a touch of gloss in the center of the mouth, it makes you look thicker.

Girls, let ‘s get to work !. ‘I will see in my next post !! xxx

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