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Eight tips about your meal times that help you lose weight

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1. If you eat sweets, do it in the morning . “At night worsens insulin action and raises melatonin, which means that there is an intolerance to carbohydrates and glucose accumulates where maybe I should not , ” says Dr. Marta Garaulet, who says that bet for breakfast light is a big mistake. 

2. The main meal, before three o’clock. What is the best time for the main meal of the day? “Define what is the perfect time for the main meal depends on many sociological, cultural, geographical factors … But what is proven itself is that the later is carried out food with higher energy content, the worse it is for health. If this is moved to the Spanish custom and usage, we would be talking about it is important to eat before three in the afternoon , “says Dr. Marta Garaulet, Professor of Physiology and Nutrition at the University of Murcia.  

3. Take time to eat and rest after . A short nap after eating is more than beneficial for Garaulet doctor. In addition, the expert says rest 20 minutes after eating is beneficial to our health (forget about eating in front of the computer and work just after lunch). 

4. It is not bad to have ‘hot’ after eating. In fact, as explained by the expert, having a peak temperature after princiapl food, between three and five o’clock in the afternoon is an indication that the body is working to ‘burn’ those calories. ” It is common to find people who have the peak temperature or because they are obese or because they eat too late , ” says Garaulet.  

5. pecking stands of control. It is better to set a daily meal schedule and follow it faithfully.  

6. Exercise, better in the morning because it helps synchronize the rhythms. “Those who tend to run or play sports at night completely alter circadian rhythms because it usually costs more to catch sleep, then rise are tired and sleepy in the morning, producing a nothing beneficial to health cronodisrupción” he argues.  

7. At dinner, choose foods well. The doctor advised for dinner which food is eaten with a low glycemic index, if carbohydrates are chosen have to select foods such as rice and pasta, but not alone, because, as he says, if these foods are combined with other rich in fat, protein or fiber such as tuna or tomato, the combination of both helps reduce the glycemic index.  

8. A reasonable time between dinner and bed . Is not only important that dinner is light, it is also advisable to allow some time between the last meal of the day and hours of sleep, the Garaulet Dr. estimated at between two and a half hours and two hours and (especially if they have consumed rapidly absorbed carbohydrates).

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