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Eight tips for caring for your lips

In Skin Care Tips

How many times a day apply balm, cocoa or Vaseline on your lips?

Do you know when and what type of product you
should apply for the care of your lips?

Find the answers here.


Vaseline has many benefits, but not the best choice to care for
your lips. The motives? Vaseline creates a film that prevents loss of water from the body, but does not let pass the

active ingredients.
That is, it moisturizes by occlusivity. Hence, the best option is to use lip balms, capable of regenerating the skin by the presence of nutritional active ingredients. 


In the same way you apply a night cream on your face you have to apply a good lip balm.
Just at that moment. The motives? Night treatments are more

effective because let stand without the interruption of external agents.
Y. In addition, the application of balm, avoid the muscosas drying and cracking during sleep, especially

if you
breathe through your mouth.


If you notice your lips excessively dehydrated, you must maximize the above advice.
How? Applying a lip product specific thick layer as a mask. You can also

use a facial moisturizing mask containing hyaluronic acid.


The fact that a lip treatment can generate a rebound effect is linked to the composition of the product and the percentage of paraffins containing glycerine and.
A greater amount of these

ingredients, most occlusivity occurs on the lips and therefore hydration apparently saved would not be real and produce a higher rebound effect, leaving our skin

dry and unprotected lips. 


How many times have you said that you use a toothbrush to exfoliate lips?
Well you should know that is not the best option because it may be too aggressive for a gesture area as

sensitive as the labial mucosa.  


How many times have you bought a lip balm for its taste?
Although it is an added value, that can make you make a mistake that can take its toll on moisturizing your lips that stores

moisten them
with your spit over the account, a gesture that resecaría too much by the effect of saliva.

Even if you want to
apply your moisturizing treatment every half hour, the reality is that it is not necessary to do so frequently. If the lips are very damaged and cracked it is advisable to

renew the application every 3-4 hours balm.
If , however, we have healthy lips, twice daily, morning and evening, it would suffice.


When choosing lip balm that works, it
is important to look your composition and you consider what the most effective in these products active ingredients are arnica,

calendula, aloe vera, medical lanonina and olive oil . 


Of course, if you have any questions, you just have to visit us
and we ‘ll help you choose the product that best suits you.

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