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Eight ways to be happier (according to Positive Psychology)

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1. Avoid being too intense, deep and embraces simplicity

To start being a little happier is not very effective embark on profound meditations on the meaning of life, nor endeavor to achieve a logical explanation for each one of the things we do not understand. It is best to start with the basics. For example, go to bed at a decent hour and not allowing oneself irritated by anything. These two factors have a huge impact on the sense of wellbeing.

2. Do not be overcome by anger or spend too much time counting and looking opinion about things you dislike

For a long time it was recommended to aerate every few problems before, get them out against problems. However, more recent studies say that catharsis can be counterproductive because it amplified the problems and negative feelings. On the other hand, how much more we talk about a problem, most probably contradictory opinions meet, which will spend much more time trying to understand what happened to us. Psychologists now believe that it is better not to talk too much because that way the problems dissipate and forget earlier.

3. Fake it you feel it (Simula be happy until you are)

It is one of the classic slogans of Alcoholics Anonymous, which encourages its members appear to strength and peace until both feelings are real. The thesis is based on the feelings follow actions, ie if you smile you ‘ll end up being happier than if you do not. For example, if you are angry with someone and do something kind to that person, your feelings will soften. This strategy is incredibly effective.

4. Try new things

The challenge and novelty are key elements of happiness. The brain is stimulated by surprise and get to master a new and unexpected situation gives a pleasant feeling of power and satisfaction. People who do new things, learn a game, language, or travel to unknown places instead of familiar places are more familiar than those who lead a life more predictable habits.

5. Buy a little happiness

Our basic psychological needs include feeling loved, secure and recognized at work or in their roles as father, mother, housewife, etc. In addition, we need to have a sense of control over our lives. The money will not get to fill all these chapters, but it is possible to learn to spend money on things that make us happy. For example, stay in touch with family and friends, improving health and well – being, work more efficiently or minimize domestic or marital conflict mode.

6. Do not insist on pursuing perfection

There are two types of ways to classify people according to their way to make decisions. On the one hand, there are “satisfied”, which are those who choose something to cover your expectations sensibly and stay compliant. The others are the “Maximizers” I always want to make the best decision. Even when they are choosing the best product they want to make their decision and again reviewing all your requirements and comparing with each and every one of the available options. The maximisers lose more time and consume more energy than the rest, and frequently are always anxious because they doubt whether they have made the best decision or not. Satisfied tend to be happier than maximizers.

7. Practice exercise to stimulate energy

Even if they are only ten minutes a day, this activity will make a difference in your mood. Psychologists, doctors, biologists, psychiatrists … all agree that physical activity is an enhancer of happiness.

8. Take Action

Although it is proven that genes have a lot to do with our temperament and optimism, studies show that about 40% of your happiness is in your hands. It is possible to aware to be more lively and start 2013 with a plan to be happier steps.

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