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Emma Stone and Olivia Wilde, no fear of makeup

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Get ready for something special this season! If you are the type that you throw you off when you see near your lips intense colors, now you change your mind.

Notice how dazzling appear Emma Stone (24) and Olivia Wilde (29) showing the immense power of the colors in the ‘collection Evening Opulence’ which is centered in bright colors to enhance the appearance and spirit of a woman who sees makeup luxury as a key accessory for taste and liking. 

And as with is not sufficient to understand the possibilities of this limited collections of makeup brand, it is better to give twice as options. Why make – up artist Gucci Westman great has developed a surprising new campaign for Revlon brand which is Artistic Director since 2008 Global. 

To make this possible has had two movie stars, renowned worldwide and have loyal fans, a couple of beauties of those hogging the spotlight in all red carpets for their great ‘stage effects’, so it is not wonder they have posed together for a single occasion. 


The Evening Opulence shows the most feminine of every woman side, brushing the luxury and night glamor that combines the timeless black eye with jewel tones like purple, emerald green and burgundy for shadows, lips and nails.  

ColorBurst Lip Butters : Here we have two new and original colors that are not usually easily found: Provocative (purple) and a very innovative product especially for a calming color red lips, is a perfect solution to create a look nude , Invite Only (spearmint). 

Gloss Colorburst: Three new colors for this glow that is free from sticky effect and is extremely resistant to friction, in lilac, fuchsia and purple.       

In Collection ‘Evening Opulence’ with shadow palette PhotoReady: A new range of six tones blending green violet and includes white to light, the PhotoReady Kajal is an eyeliner pencil including a second tip clarito tone to illuminate lacrimal and enamels Nail enamel color Rich and Seductive.   


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