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Emollient shampoos and protein recovery to repair damaged hair in summer – Pharmaceutical Post – Todo Dermo

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In summer the hair tends to be damaged more by the chlorine in pools, sea salt and sun. To prevent any kind of alteration the key is greater hydration during these months: ” It is advisable to use a more hydrating than usual, containing in its composition shampoo emollients , for example, aloe vera, jojoba and argan oil to avoid the loss of gloss and elasticity “indicates TodoDermo Lola Bou, dermatologist Dr. clinical See Private Lola Bou, Barcelona. Bou tamibén bet for proteinaceous reclaimers based on ” amino acids, panthenol and plant extracts such as rosemary, lavender, burdock and sage“. Using these shampoos – explains – the debris and water components adhered to the hair fiber are removed.

  • One trick is to apply a mask, leave it on the beach and remove it when you get home

To nourish in depth, Bou recommended to apply moisturizing masks more often than in winter: “A good trick is to put a mask or conditioner serum while we’re on the beach and, when you get home, wash and rinse with water. Miguel Sáez, Dermatenerife dermatologist clinic in Tenerife, Bou coincides with the need to moisturize more hair in summer, and remember the importance of always wash your hair after a day at the beach or pool.


– swimming caps. “Its use prevents hair from getting wet, but it’s hard to use like everyone , ” says Bou.

– photoprotection capillary. “The capillaries photoresists block the action of ultraviolet on the hair, moisturize well, which prevents hair from becoming dry and brittle” said Saez. “They are formulated to remain in the hair cuticle, without causing soiling or excess grease. They must also be waterproof but would not make sense application , “adds Bou.

– Hats and scarves. “Using them will help protect hair from the sun’s rays , ” said Saez, but remember that would be a complement to the photoresists.

– Color change. “If the hair is dyed in summer is best done with a darker shade than in winter, it tends to discolor and thus not so much the contrast is observed.

– Children. The experts consulted by TodoDermo insist on the need for extreme precaciones with children because their immune system is weaker and more sunlight efectan both hair and skin.

components chlorine and salinity of seawater are harmful to the hair “because increase dryness and irritation of both the scalp and the hair fiber and as a result, hair becomes more fragile and brittle , “Saez said.

“An unpleasant and very striking effect is the Bou adds green coloring hair blond or white by the action of copper in pipes pools or even in the composition of any of its disinfectant.” Both experts point out that the dyed hair suffer more these effects to be weaker due to chemicals dyes. “In these cases, can increase hair loss or breakage in excess , ” says Bou.

On the potential benefits of seawater , this dermatologist warns that only advised in people with very oily hair : “The fact fat secrete the hair follicle can form a defensive barrier against the aggression of seawater. Still, the hair should always be washed immediately after going to the beach or pool. “

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