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Epigenetics, intelligent cosmetics

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Advances in cosmetic dermatology pursue better products that have a greater impact on the health of people. One of the most recent is the application of knowledge of epigenetics to skin care in order to enhance the capacity of the deeper layers to regenerate and soften skin aging.

Epigenetics is the branch of biology that studies how external factors interact with genes and change the way they manifest.
That is, studies how environmental conditions, habits or individual experiences alter the expression of the information contained in the genetic material (DNA) inherited from our parents without causing changes in sequence. An obvious example is
identical twins(monozygotic): these individuals carry the same genetic material, however, they may exhibit certain differences determined by the environment.

That is, if DNA was a musical score composed by a musician, epigenetics would
amount to different ways of playing that score, the various melodic arrangements of the same song.

In the nucleus of cells, DNA, consisting of thousands of genes encoded information appears coiled structures known as chromosomes.
However, not always the information contained in genes is accessible. It requires epigenetic factors that facilitate access to this information to be translated, depending on the cell needs, the proteins responsible for the body ‘s functions. These functions include cellular regeneration of skin, which is the result of inherited and the factors that determine how these genes are expressed information.

So –
epigenetic factors are tools used our body to modify the expression of our genes without modification, that is, acting as a switch that turns on or off the genes and, therefore, increase or decrease the production of certain proteins .

Epigenetic applied to cosmetics allows to
activate the cell regeneration of the basal layers and enhance the production of essential proteins. Epigenetic formulations containing ingredients activate the “switch” that allows normalize the synthesis of proteins responsible for conferring the turgidity and elasticity to the skin that are lost with age and thus regain some of his youth.

It is important to
know how epigenetic mechanisms can influence the regeneration of the skin, which are definitely determine the aging process. In this sense, incorporating active ingredients acting on the epigenome, we will influence the expression of the DNA of the basal cells of the dermis involved in cellular regeneration, without altering its sequence. That is, we can modulate the expression of genes to achieve optimum performance.

In this context, there has emerged a new generation of cosmetic anti –
aging creams as new
Epigence 145 , able to adapt to individual differences of each skin. Formulas have been developed to improve the resilience and adaptability of the skin against external conditions, so that recover and enhance the elasticity and firmness and achieve a reduction of wrinkles evident. These treatments help increase the deep skin hydration and stimulate cell renewal, enhancing production of proteins such as hyaluronic acid, as well as collagen and elastin fibers. After application, the skin regains tonicity because regains the ability to produce the proteins necessary for proper cell regeneration.

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