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Essential oils, allied to repair damage to the skin of the sun, beaches and pools – Correo Farmacéutico – Todo Dermo

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“In summer, the pharmacist may recommend the use of essential oils because the skin is more dry with high temperatures and water pools and beaches , ” explains Varela TodoDermo hemely Aponte, the Training Department Laboratories Darphin Spain. The application of these products – says – “accelerates skin regeneration, restores lost moisture and stimulates the defenses.”

Varela insists that although the properties of these oils to soothe the skin after sunburn, it is essential to use protection , “Before sun exposure, we must use a sunscreen and after going to the beach or pool use essential oils because they improve skin condition and in case of burns, prepare to better assimilate the treatment. “

  • Essential oils soothe the skin after sunburn

On contraindications to apply these products in summer, this expert explains: “The possible appearance of spots on the skin depends on its composition and concentration of these essential oils in the product.” In addition, Varela points out that the essential oils and vegetables are different : “The essential fats are substances obtained from different parts of aromatic plants like flowers, resins, barks, roots or leaves. Instead, vegetables are lipid extracts with a high content of fatty acids and which are extracted from the seeds and fruits corresponding to the fatty part of the plant. “

For this summer skin care products and within the laboratory, Varela advises Oil Revitalizing and Body Oil Satin Darphin. ” They strengthen and nourish the skin also are a blend of essential oils and plants that have no contraindications and can be used all year , ” he says. The oil Revitalizing , with a dry texture and quick absorption, is indicated for face, body and hair . Among its ingredients, Varela highlights nine vegetable oils “such as argan, tamanu, jojoba, evening primrose, rosehip, raspberry, sweet almond, sunflower and apricot; four essential as rosewood, lavender, geranium and ylang ylang, and the two aromatic extracts of vanilla and jasmine. ” For the body , Darphin bet by ” Oil Body Satinado with red ginger essential oil prevents dryness and strengthens the natural barrier of skin” adds.

Moreover, the expert explained that from the pharmacy to recommend them must know well the needs of each patient and remembers the range of seven elixirs Darphin , aimed at different skin types:

Rosa-Hydrating for dry skin.
Niaoli-Purifying for combination to oily skin.
Camomila- Soothing for sensitive skin.
Flower orange blossom Illuminator for skin blemishes.
Tangerine – Energizing for tired and fatigued skin.
Firming jasmine and Néctar 8 flores- Global antiaging for mature skin.

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