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ESSENTIALS line: Micellar Gel, the revolution of the cleaners

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A few days ago we present the first member of the ESSENTIALS family , the Solution Micellar Cleansing 3 in 1 . Today we want to present one of its new members: Gel Cleanser Micelar .

This revolutionary formula
daily facial cleansing share ingredients with Solution 3 in 1 Micellar Cleanser . Thus, we find the micelles , which are water and fat molecules that manage to clean and catch all the dirt we can have on the skin.

While it
is true that in the market there are a lot of cleaning gels and makeup removal products, there is none like the novel
Gel Cleanser Micellar MartiDerm acting with the effectiveness of the micelles .

Thanks to this innovative formula, we get a
thorough cleaning by dragging these molecules make all kinds of impurities: dust, grease, make – up, etc …, without damaging or drying the skin and respecting the hydrolipidic.

mode of use and texture are different in the Solution Micellar Cleansing 3 in 1 and the Gel Micellar Cleanser . The latter need to rinse. This makes it ideal for those seeking the feeling of water in your routine facial hygiene, and also, like all those textures get a sparkling effect .

Gel Cleanser Micellar has a soapy texture , but does not contain soaps but syndet , an agent that removes dirt preserving the natural protective barrier of the skin. Since non – irritating, it is suitable for all skin types , including the most sensitive . It is also highly recommended for mixed and dry skin , thanks to its great ability to moisturize and not let that feeling of tightness other cleaning water.

If you want to
provide more moisture and help rebalance the pH of the skin, used after rinsing and drying the face, the
solution Micellar Cleanser 3 in 1 . This advice is very useful for sensitive skin because it helps improve the result of facial hygiene.

Gel Micelle ESSENTIALS Cleaner is a product suitable facial cleansing for routine care in the morning , we search a feel refreshing, smooth and moisturizing . But also it can be used as makeup remover for the night , and dragging the toughest makeup.

Do you like gels and do not use them
because you dry the skin? Here is a
new formula of MartiDerm that removes dirt face protecting and hydrating. What are you waiting to try it?


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