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Exfoliants and masks to show perfect skin at weddings, christenings and communions – Correo Farmacéutico – Todo Dermo

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They’re here seasons weddings, baptisms and communions, special occasions where time and money to look good is reversed. From clothing to makeup are many factors that are taken into account, and including skin preparation is key. “To have a perfect skin during these events, we need more specific products like exfoliants and masks , ” explains Varela TodoDermo hemely Aponte, the Training Department Laboratories Darphin Spain.

This expert recalled that before any beauty treatment is critical to proper cleaning both morning and evening. “To optimize the effects of cleaning is recommended exfoliate the skin once or three times a week to remove dead cells and accelerate cell regeneration , ” says Varela. Thus, the skin gains luminosity and better absorb the products used later.

For application Varela advises “take a small amount of exfoliant, extend across the face with circular movements and remove debris with water.” To get a free skin impurities from Darphin recommend:

– Soft Aromatic Peeling. “This is a mechanical delamination without granules and suitable to remove dead skin cells without irritating chemical, so it is suitable for sensitive skin.”

– Dermabrasion Antiedad. It allows a gradual graduation and is suitable for all skin types with blemishes. “With this scrub get a feeling of comfort and softness, while reducing the visible signs of aging” adds Varela.


After cleaning the face in depth, “it is time to apply masks meeting the needs of each skin , ” he reports. Masks “have different textures depending on their composition and properties, so each is designed to meet specific needs” , he notes, to which he adds: “In general, its main function is to release active ingredients saturation, ie form a layer on the skin, allowing it to penetrate “. Unlike serum, masks have a more specific action, such as moisturizing or firming , and also enabling fixation makeup. “They are ideal for these celebrations because the skin is more hydrated and brighter” he says.

This expert recommends for use apply them in small amounts on the face while avoiding the eye area . After leaving acting for 15 minutes, it is necessary to remove the excess with a tissue and, in some cases, rinse with water. “For best results you have to leave mask overnight” , says Varela. For events and special occasions, from Darphin propose these products:

– Aromatic Purifying Clay Mask. It is a face mask “that purifies and absorbs excess fat. Helps balance skin has drier to give a more radiant and other oily areas “said Varela. It is advisableuse a thin layer and extending from the face to the neck.

– Masque Kiwi. With a light texture contains properties that refresh and moisturize the skin. “They act in the upper layers of the dermis, restores softness and suppleness of the skin leaving a feeling of comfort on the skin.” In this case, the expert highlights the needuse a thick layer of the product, also on the face and neck.

– Mask youth and radiance to the Camelia. This mask antiaging skin firming and restructuring filling wrinkles with immediate effect. “Returns the energy and natural glow to the skin.”

– Serumask Stimuskin Plus. This product is a novelty Darphin laboratories and is a combination of serum and mask. “Thanks to its effect push up beautifies skin texture, reducelines, wrinkles, brings firmness and restores the contour of the oval face” says Varela.

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