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The dominant eyes in makeup have been one of the trends this year. Senior Artist talk with MAC, who told us all the data to achieve this look, one that stands eyebrows, eyelashes and eyelids.
This year eyebrows have taken an incredible role in the makeup . Unlike other seasons, this no longer seek perfectly groomed eyebrows perfectly, if not that is filled with subtle way to achieve a “wild” effect. And we told them about the trend of XXL eyebrows being given both models and actresses.
We spoke to Sergio Erasmus, Senior Artist of MAC , who told us: ” It is as if we took inspiration ochentera style eyebrow, so it looks as if there really were up there.”
Long, with one end of a marked volume accompanied defined eyebrows and eyelashes are well tonic momentto have a trendy look. To achieve the freshness of this style makeup, which focuses on the look, Sergio Erasmo gave us step by step advice.
 When a re eyes look loaded the rest of the makeup should be rather naturally . “To create a makeup such that looks trendy and fabulous skin is important to emphasize subtly, with a healthy and luxurious effect at the same time. To this must use a light foundation, as Mineralize Moisture Foundation , which gives a second radiant generating impeccable visual effect without imperfections “says Erasmus.
N or all women have big eyebrows. For those who  do not have very populated MAC Senior artist recommends: “Spend the tip of the eyebrow liner in the torso of your hand and pick it with a thin brush that works to delineate eyebrows. Fill only where necessary and in the bow, so will achieve that look more populated. You can also apply a brow gel fixative, such as Brow in September to comb upwards towards the birth of the beautiful. ”
“Apply a mask extreme volume and maquíllate starting at the root and then to the tips of your lashes, moving in a subtle zigzag to curve your brush and lengthens the
maximum.” “Finish your look with a double layer mask to achieve an effect of extra-dimensional tabs both length and volume “ , Sergio Erasmus recommended. If the focus of your makeup will be in your oj years, the range of colors silver and gold back this season as a futuristic version of the smokey eye ideal for evening look. “If you are looking for a more natural look can opt for more natural tones such as cuttlefish, bronzes, and ochres, returning inspired by the colors of the desert , ” says the expert.
“The flat brushes allow us to
apply color more intensely. While semi rounded tip are ideal for a smoky makeup, being very easy to achieve this technique even for women who are just starting with makeup , “advises regarding the application of shadows and pigments. If you finish, your makeup looks as if you had not applied nothing more than lipstick and mascara, then did it look amazing trend.




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