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Experts warn of the latest fashion risks: the ‘sunburn art’ – Pharmacy Mail – Todo Dermo

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This summer has arrived fashion Sunburn art to social networks. Just look for this name on Twitter to see graphically what it is. It involves exposing certain body parts unprotected sun whatsoever. The covered parts draw a pattern or figure, resulting in a kind of tattoo reveals this same figure, drawn with a sunburn.

  • “It is important to warn the population that practices like this are dangerous to health”

This practice is widespread among young Americans, who subsequently share their pictures on the net. How many people do not know may be practicing this in Spain and abroad, but to prevent both the Spanish Academy of Dermatology and Venereology (AEDV) and the Foundation Skin Cancer United States have released statements in which warn of dangers of Sunburn art. Thus AEDV indicates that this behavior “an amount and intensity higher than the skin ‘s ability to generate defense mechanisms radiation, so that the skin cells are oxidized and nuclear material is damaged, generation occurs an injury it remains and reminds the skin over time. “

Raul de Lucas, Head of Section dermatosis of Hospital La Paz , Madrid, has also seen pictures on the internet, and tells TodoDermo that his inquiry has not yet reached him any attention, but does not rule them along this summer. “What happens on Twitter happens in reality , ” he admits. And he is adamant in saying it is an “outrage”. “It’s something that attacks the skin and can have immediate and long term adverse effects.”

Lucas insists that derivatives immediate damage Sunburn art include pain, itching and blisters that are symptoms of an acute burn. Residual lesions can be pigmentations (freckles or lentigines), including atrophy, scarring and redness . But most important is the demonstrated relationship between the number of burns and melanoma. The Skin Cancer Foundation recalls in his statement to suffer five or more sunburns in youth increases by 80 percent the risk of melanoma .

But why these fashions come from? “It’s inexplicable, possibly publishing original social networks, flashy, spectacular or even transgressive images are the reason and certainly among younger Creek”. It is hypothesized De Lucas who believes that “it is important to warn the population that practices like this are dangerous to health”.

You can view images of art Sunburn uploaded by users of Twitter here


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