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Eye makeup make the most of your eyes

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With the help of makeup, shadow, eyeliner, mask and illuminators can play and hide many defectillos: from eyes together too far apart, fallen, round, etc. And  in these next few weeks, I will dedicate my posts to give you some tricks to hide some defectillos. I hope you find them useful . To me in my profession I help me a lot.

  • Makeup spaced eyes 

Separated eyes
can give a touch of exoticism to the face , a distinguishing mark if you wanted you could even explode. However, if your goal is to get your eyes appear closer together with makeup, do not worry. To separate eyes appear closer together, we apply two shades of shadow on the eyelid , a clear shadow on the upper eyelid and a darker at the bottom. It is best to avoid pearlescent colors . In this case, to delineate start from the inner corner of the eye, next to tear the side of the nose

Thus, it is best that you do it with a clear and luminous shade (avoid shades of pearly shades) to apply on the eyelid, especially in its upper reaches under the arch of the eyebrows.

Darker shades
(brown, gray, black, violet, etc.) are reserved for internal regions of the eye , focusing especially on the area of the tear. The shape of your eyebrows can also help your eyes a little get together visually , try not to be too long and they are born at the same height tear, not overextending beyond the outer eye.

  • Eye makeup together 

If our goal is
that the eyes look farther apart , apply a light shade on the inside of the eyelid and darker outside, By feathering towards the temples. The liner is drawn starting almost half of the eye and stretching out.

Separate eyebrows a bit more than usual but without being overdone
. Tweeze eyebrows well, and if usually the beginning of the brow should coincide in the same line of tear in your case should depilarla few millimeters. This will make the optical effect that your eyes look further apart. Apply an illuminator in the eye area that is close to the nose.

You can also apply a lighter makeup in this area including the area between the eyebrows . Apply clear shadow on the inner half of the eye and beneath the eyebrow arch, and dark shades of the outer half of the eye, and blur the outward. Delineates the eye from the middle outward in the upper eyelid and you can do that on the lower eyelid , blurred or apply dark shadow of half the lower eyelid to the

Apply mascara especially the outer ends of the flanges of the upper eyelid, so that the eye tear.

  • Round eyes makeup 

If you have
round eyes or are small , you should try to wear makeup out of the eye to make it look longer. To lengthen the eyes with makeup must apply a lighter shade inside and dark shade the edge of the eyelid, lengthening out.

Then, with the eye pencil or eyeliner to draw a line starting from the center of the eyelid , so give the impression of being more elongated. Delineate your eyes is what will make the difference more notice so you can try two alternatives for you to see which causes better effect on your face.

With the mascara can also do a trick makeup to lengthen round eyes or enlarge small eyes, it is very simple, applying mascara tries to bring the brush toward the ends when you reach the edge of the eye . With this you manage the tabs also get larger eyes and lift the appearance of eyelids.

  • Makeup small eyes 

For small eyes
it is best to choose shades of soft shadows , avoid dark shades and give a little brightness in the center of the eyelid. Apply eyeliner on the edge of the upper lashes. To make them look larger, full day enlighten them with clear and iridescent shades of eyes and volumising mascara. Thus, we take care of them, without overloading them without them look sunken.

At night, the smoky eye is perfect whenever bordeemos the entire eye with a pencil kohl black and gray go demeaning to all contours. Try not to paint the black line inside the eye. Apply full mask always lifting the tab, a mascara brush plate effect curve is suitable for lifting, lengthen and multiply tabs. A touch on the lower lashes is perfect too  

Eyebrows too long visually shorten the size of the eye
. However, they must always be perfectly clean shaven as the eyelids is essential to look bigger and open.

  • Makeup too large eyes 

The shape of your eyebrows can also help your eyes get together a little more visually, as already you comment on the special post of eyebrows, try not to be too long and they are born at the same height tear, not extending too beyond the outer eye.
To mask large eyes should opt for matte textures and tones with a medium or high saturation, which apply on the eyelid and bottom to frame this way the eye. We should not apply dots of light in the tear, as this would create a visual effect of increased eye opening. If the eye is very round, we can ‘distortion’ shape extending backscatter shadow slightly in the external angle.

We also recommend using Kohl pencil on the inside of the eye. If we want a deeper effect on the look, we can draw a line with pencil or eyeliner on the inside of the upper eyelid (eyelid) .If you have bags or dark circles, try not to mask the bottom of the eye. apply color on the eyelid in order to create a focal point in this area and distract the eye bags or dark circles. In this case, to give more definition to the eye also can use pencil inside the eye and remember, that one way to distract eyes look is to paint the lips in strong colors, I do it for myself and it always works!

  • My favorite tools:

Eyeliner:  HR Spectacular eyeliner, Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting for, Fluid Line MAC, Estee Lauder PureColor Liquid, Liner Fautre of Bourgois.

Eyeliners : Aqua Eyes Makeup for Ever, Eye Kohl MAC, Chanel Le Crayon Kohl.

Masks : HR Lash Queen Mascara, Maybelline Colossal Smoke Eyes, MAC Extended Play Lash. 

Illuminators : Touche Eclat YSL, Chanel Eclat Lumiere, Prodigy Liquid Light HR, L’Oreal Touche Magique. Nars Orgasm.

I wish you a very good week! Until my next post!

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