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Eye makeup with strass for this Christmas

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Style ‘bling bling’ eyes decorating mini ephemeral jewelry is one of the best ideas to make your eyes shine as lights in the holidays.

Immerse yourself in the fun holiday spirit looming considering to make the eyeliner complete, up and down strass eyelid, or only one of the lines, choose the top or bottom, or wear them as a shadow all eyelid. Everything depends on the event you are going to go. Diamonds (Swarovski crystals) of colors, stars, gold or silver balls, no choice in this world of fantasy and fun pop cheerful introducing a new shift in the game of eye makeup.

You just need to have in mind that the idea is to present something sophisticated and beautiful; why strass appliques evening events must be small and few, to avoid falling into excess .

When Rodarte presented it as a trend in the parade autumn / winter during Fashion Week in New York it caused a sensation. The Rodarte sisters who run this fashion label, are well known for their innovative experiments beauty with its expected opening parades because they know how to raise the bar of their shows. For the occasion, the models appeared with a thin row of small gems applied as an eyeliner on the lower eyelid that glistened even when his eyelids closed.

How you stick on your skin? When present in adhesive sticker, just you have to unstick the paper and place directly on the skin. If it comes loose parts, the best system is to use a glue false eyelashes. A minimum amount is placed on the stone and then can be applied to the skin with the fingers or using a tweezers to place them in strategic point. Try not to use a lot of eye shadow, as this may cause the adhesive does not perform its function correctly and soon you will be off.

How they are removed? With a specific cleaner eyelash glue. To apply you must moisten product a cotton ball and apply small, gentle movements in the parts where you have glued rhinestones.

Dare and become the queen in the party looks  bursting with one of the boldest for the holidays with this innovative way of reinterpreting the eye makeup trends.

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