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Eye with the sun: tips to take care of our sight of the harmful UV rays

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Although the spring sun is still somewhat elusive, soon we shall shine with all his strength. And just as we have to start taking care of our skin harder, do it with our eyes and protect our eyes from dangerous UV rays.

And it is that prolonged exposure (over years) generates the lens of the eye becomes opaque and may even cause cataracts, as explains José Pablo Pérez, optical professional Rodenstock.
In fact, according to figures from the World Health Organization (WHO)
20% of cases of cataract blindness is a result of constant exposure to the sun.  “The most harmful effects occur in the retina of the eye and, although this body has natural barriers to filter light is not enough to protect themselves from high levels of radiation present during these months , ” says the expert.

There is
little habits to care for them or care that can be present, such as
limiting the time spent under the midday sun, which is the most harmful, prefer shade and wear clothing that will help protect from exposure as caps and hats. But certainly the use of glasses is essential, because as José Pablo Perez explains, caps and hats make only 50%.

Hence the importance of using lenses having UV filter and buy them
in reliable places because as the expert says
“The products sold on the street often do not have the protective barrier and cause even more serious damage , dilating the pupil and increasing eye exposure to the sun”

Wear goggles that have no UV filter is one of the damages more great that we can cause our eyes, because they let through a spectrum of sunlight that is harmful to both external and internal ocular structures, causing a risk of vision loss.
“The effectiveness of glass to prevent the damage of UV radiation is that the filter has protection 100% to 400 nanometers (nm)” says the expert.

It is common to
think that while darker the lens, the better the result, but not always. José Pablo Pérez explains that there reading glasses with UV protection and are transparent and other sun can be very dark and not have it. In the case of polarized glasses, they help reduce glare from sunlight.

With which we must be especially careful with children is ” It
happens that even 10 or 12 years his crystal is very transparent so your eyes do not have the same protection as an adult.”

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