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Eyebrow eyebrows eyebrows how to wear them so that they favor you

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The key may be in your eyebrows. If you know take advantage of them, they can help you correct imperfections and complex. Among other things, well – treated frame and highlight your eyes, help you take off years off or enlarge your eyes. But they can also be a disaster in your face …

Eyebrows carried today are of average thickness or too thin or too thick, with a gentle angle but marked and, above all, not very short . We must choose a length exceeding one centimeter the outer end eye , with a separation between them that harmonizes with the width of the nose and around the eyes. 

To get a perfect shape you have to consider the shape of your face, the shape of your eyes and your age.

– If you have set eyes, eyebrows depilation can help separate them optically.

– For a small face, it is best that are not too thick , not to take ownership of your face.

– If you have a round face, choose to rising eyebrows that Stilicho facial oval.

– The oval face supports more options. It is best to opt for a gentle angle

– For a face square,  the ideal is an eyebrow triangle , because it breaks the monotony of the features, looks up and relaxes the jaw marked. 

– For long faces you need to draw a straight and horizontal eyebrow , as they make the face look more shortened and oval. 

– If your face is heart – shaped , like Beyoncé , you’ll appreciate a more curved eyebrows . Opt for a more pronounced effect design and accentuates the “peak” marking it with a crayon. Stylize your drawing them face with a very marked with a pencil semicircle as Brow Perfector in Caucase tone. Opt for thin, short, gently rounded eyebrows and slightly depilated towards the ends to make the front look shorter and narrower chin.

– The blonde with pale skin are favored with the style of Charlize Theron, fine and care. Take them very well coiffed. For this there are special brushes and pencils transparent manner and to allow them to stay. Topped with a touch of highlighter on the browridge. Try the gel and highlighter Arch Angel, Me Me Me (11,50 €).

-The top Cara Delevingne highlights his pale eyes with thick eyebrows , the hit this fall. To achieve thick camouflages unpopulated areas with a cream shadow. Get some more bushy eyebrows applying yourself one night nourishing serum as Lipocils & Black, Talika (30 €).

We must also take into account the shape of the eyes and nose size for hair removal in one way or another. 

– If you have the separate eyes , point A (ie, where the eyebrow begins), should be more “inward” in order to create an optical effect to “bring” eyes. If you have a wide nose, use the same trick to tune.

If your eyebrow does not begin naturally at this point, you can use
cream shadows or pencils to fill in the spaces less populated and completely redesign your eyebrow. 

1. Put a pencil beside the nostril and continues straight through the lacrimal eye to the birth of the eyebrow. Hence your eyebrow should start.

2. Ladea pencil from the side flap of the nose straight, passing over the iris. There you must place the turning point of the arch of the eyebrow.

3. Ladea pencil from the side of the nose straight, until he coincide with the end of the eye. This is the point where your eyebrow should end.

Eyebrows should be thicker with internal tear . Allow yourself the “Indomitable” the beginning of the eyebrow hairs are the key element to give a wild touch to a delicately crafted eyebrow. To achieve this look you should get your hands on some good tweezers and magnifying mirror. The Slant (22 €) of Tweezerman clip is a favorite of ‘celebrities’ like Scarlett Johanson because it offers maximum precision. Grab the hair from the root to prevent breakage, gently pulls in the direction of hair growth, not against the grain, and removes hairs one by one to continue without error tracing eyebrow.

–  Comb the brows upward spiral brush like the masks lashes and use scissors special eyebrow to cut the excess hair. Highly recommended Scissors Tweezerman (24.50 €). After combing down his eyebrows and looks at whether there are remaining careful not to overdo it . A fixative gel will help you keep fit and tame the most unruly hairs. Spread a small amount around the eyebrow, while the comb upwards. Try a special gel for rebels and bushy eyebrows, as Natural Brow Shaper, Bobbi Brown. 

–  Kate Beckinsale or Beyoncé  have passed through the technique performed with thread . And the “ecobrow” has finally come to Spain. Hand makes the new oasis of beauty Handmade Beauty , where you made a preliminary study of the face and eyes, resulting in a lifting effect immediately.

Recommended tools

Tweezer Tweezerman Slant 22 € approx.

Brow Rescue of TWEEZERMAN with pencil, gel and brow brush € 29.50 approx.

Brush and scissors Tweezerman  24,50 € approx.

Serum Nourishing Talika 39 € approx.

Lapiz Nars Perfector 22 € approx.

Gel Bobby Brown 20 € approx.

I hope you have a wonderful week! Until my next post! xxx

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