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Face, neck, arms and legs: warning dehydration – Pharmacist Post – Todo Dermo

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The areas most exposed to the sun , such as face neck, arms and legs, are more vulnerable to dehydration , so you have to give them special care, according to Lorea Bagazgoitia, a dermatologist at the University Hospital Ramón y Cajal in Madrid, and Juanjo Trilla, Threshing pharmacist Pharmacy, Barcelona.

Experts for both skin hydration should be a constant throughout the year, but from June to September should pay more attention to the body parts that receive more solar radiation. “Other areas most in need of hydration are skin folds, such as elbows, knees, heels and soles of the feet , ” adds Trilla.

Regarding the use of specific products, Bagazgoitia recalls the importance of emollients and Trilla also advises Nutricosmetics . “We can take capsules or beads oil hawthorn – specifically to also rehydrate from within. If we choose enriched with coenzyme Q10, which is antioxidant products, avoid skin dryness. ” Hair care advise masks that reduce damage from chlorine and sun.

For patients with atopic Bagazgoitia recommended to follow the same guidelines as the rest of the year, although with some nuance: “After bathing in pools have to moisturize the skin well to offset the irritation that can be caused by chlorine”. In order to reduce the complications of some diseases during the summer, Trillo bet on the syndet cleansing and moisturizing lotions. “Rich creams lauryl sulfate, chamomile, panthenol or essential oils decrease irritation” specifies.

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