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Face: Take Care Of Your Skin During Treatments

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  1. we clean with the fingers!

Make-up removal and cleansing are the essential steps to prepare your skin for hydration.

To get rid of all the nasty impurities that are nested in the pores of the skin during the night and to remove makeup of the day, we emulsify, morning and evening, a small hazelnut of milk or make-up gel with his fingers! Forgetful, the cottons, too aggressive for weakened skin. Do not forget to choose them without perfume or with an allergen-free fragrance to avoid any risk of irritation!


  1. a little break for the eyes

To remove makeup eyelids, replace his hands with a cotton soaked in an eye cleansing oil that is gently placed on the eyelids. We count to 10 … and hop: we wipe gently from the outside to the inside of the eye!


  1. a gesture of freshness and cleanliness

To complete this cleansing and keep your skin clean, you can also bring your favorite alcohol-free tonic to caress your entire face, not to mention the neck.


  1. what a love, my day cream!

Yes, it is promised, you will love it very much. To complete this little cosmetic routine, we just put a good amount of cream on the forehead, nose, cheeks and chin and it comes to penetrate the whole delicately by circular movements. It is chosen well nourishing, but not too fat to avoid the effects too bright on the skin.

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