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For deep facial cleansing you should consider the following:

  1. Essential step in your beauty routine: Daily facial cleansing twice daily, morning and night, will get your skin not only look more beautiful but also healthier. No need to wipe more times since the fall in excess can be counterproductive. He thinks that water alone does not clean debris so you’ll need a product that eliminates them . Also, if you are the type that you maquillas, remember that you must first and second desmaquillarte clean your face.
  1. His and hers. Forget associate facial beauty products to women, or is that men do not age? Or it is that men do not like to care? Of course yes! In any case, you are boy or girl, you just have to create the habit, you’ll see in a few weeks your skin will change so much you can not do without your product hygiene. One trick: if you are too lazy beam hygiene in the shower while you let the shampoo or conditioner. You have no excuse!
  1. At any age. The skin of a child should care as much as the skin of an old man just have to respect their characteristics. Facial hygiene should be performed at any age the same way that moisturize at any age. Skin during childhood is a very delicate and thin skin during adolescence used to show very fat in middle age is prone to dryness, the appearance of spots and early wrinkles and older ages skins can get to be extremely dry, with a marked lack of firmness, and deep wrinkles. Find out how to fight wrinkles on this link .
  1. The most suitable product for you. This is crucial because a product may discourage us wrong choice in hygiene routine. Uses a pharmacist specialized in dermocosmetics advise you the product that best suits your skin in addition to your preferences and tastes. In the market there are all sorts of textures for hygiene products:
  • Oils if very dry skins
  • Milks: ideal for normal to dry skin
  • Soaps and gels: for combination and oily skin. Some are seborreguladores
  • micellar lotion: for all skin types. They are very cool
  • Breads: soap bars offer a wide range of possibilities. There are nutritional, antiseptic, soothing …
  • Specific cleaners eye contour
  • Exfoliants: also called peelings, there are physical, chemical or enzymatic. Enhance the penetration of subsequent treatments. Sensitive skin must be careful with certain exfoliants.
  • Advisable to apply them after peeling. The cleansing masks act by adsorption and are ideal for cleaning the pores.
  • Toning: the finishing touch after a thorough hygiene. You can replace it with a mist of thermal water.
  • 5.Casos special : if your skin is going through a delicate stage I advise you to let advice from your pharmacist specialized in dermocosmetics because in certain situations must be especially pamper our face. Do it in the following cases:
    • Acne
    • rojeces
    • Seborrheic dermatitis
    • Atopic skin
    • Allergic reactions
    • Post-laser skin
    • stains
    • sunburn
    • Skin cancer posttreatment

I hope this post has helped you understand better than skin care begins with a good facial.

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