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Facial gymnastics to end flaccidity. Exercise your face!

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Did you know that our side has 57 different muscles? Like any other part of our body we can exercise this whole entourage of muscles and strengthen it . The aim is to achieve an effect  push up  immediate facial muscles and thus help reduce sagging. In this post we explain how to do to combat sagging and wrinkles in our face!

Before starting our session we cleanse facial gymnastics hands, then with water micellar desmaquillaremos us and we will
make our
daily facial hygiene , and finally, hidrataremos face and neck with blisters MartiDerm® .

We will make the following facial gymnastics routine a couple of times a week, repeating the circuit 2 times.
We recommend starting with exercises in the neck and finish at the front. You ready? It takes note of it. Exercise 1: Neck and jowls
To stretch the neck and neckline will
make the following year. Put both hands on his chest (one above the other, near the end of the neck), raise the chin (nodding back) and desencajamos jaw. If the jaw movement is uncomfortable for you, making movements with his lips as if you did “pout”. We notice how our neck and jowls stretched to the maximum. Performs 15 repetitions. Exercise 2: For the facial oval



To avoid falling cheekbones this exercise you’ll do
great. The lower lip will coat the lower teeth. At the same time, the upper lip will cover the upper teeth. With simulate perform mouth “or” long. With this position we must open and close the mouth, simulating the movement of an excavator. If we want to make more stress we can press the chin with your hand. Make 10 to 20 repetitions. Exercise 3: To exercise all the muscles of the face
Open mouth exaggeratedly and emulates that scream for 6 seconds.
Another exercise you can do is to inspire air and swollen cheeks. Keep the air a few seconds and gradually release the air. Performs 15 repetitions. Exercise 4: For the “crow’s feet”
Raise the front.
Then, with two hands glue fingers at the ends of the eye, and stretched a little towards the end. Against this force we do, we should try to close my eyes for several seconds. We relax the skin and repeat this exercise 20 times. Exercise 5: forehead We
place the horizontal hands near the birth of our hair (like we cogiéramos head with both hands).
We pushed up, and realize the pressure eyebrows contrary, in order to lower the front. This double stress will help us to treat horizontal wrinkles that appear on the forehead. Repeat the exercise 15 to 20 times.
Reduce sagging of our face will no longer be a problem if you follow these tips.
Try the exercises and find those that are more suited to your needs. Look after your skin and practice these exercises and especially Stop worrying of time on your skin! It is a symbol that you have lived.



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