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Facial massages for effective treatments

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Who does not like being massaged face? Gently caress the face is a reassuring gesture and stressing that helps us, among other things, to erase the tensions of the face. But there is more self-massaging with your fingers while we apply a moisturizer or anti-aging treatment is ideal for relaxing the face and strengthen tissues exercise . And the use of dermocosmetic formulas using circular gestures on the skin, our skin will gain firmness and elasticity.

Experts in cosmetic dermatology recommend performing this type of massage morning and evening, coinciding with the
routine of facial hygiene , as early a good dose of hydration is necessary for the day and night, treatments will have more effect because it is when the cells of the dermis regenerate.

In addition to winning health and energy, with this type of massage we will
benefit from the active ingredients that contain formulas, such as
proteoglycans or vitamin C , which reassures us and repair the skin.

The effectiveness of specific treatments depends largely on how to
apply them . A good
facial massageIt is a good alternative for its proper application, in addition to increasing oxygen and nutrients needed for our skin. We explain in detail the steps to do it properly:

Make a circular temple drawing an 8 or an infinite massage.
How to do it? Place your finger at the start of both eyebrows. Passes above the eyelid, the continuous circle area crow’s feet, the eyecup down, reaches the wall and comes back to the starting point. Repeat this movement and thus the active ingredients of the product penetrate easily wrinkle contour.

In this area, known as ”
bar code ” they are vertical wrinkles so you have to make the moves in two phases. First, from the center to the left and from the center to the right. They are horizontal movements, using the index finger and thumb as if we spent a brush.

Make circulate on both sides of the central part of the chin, outward and inward movement.
With his right hand, will go to the right, while left will be left.

Finish the massage with a gentle motion across his face and neck, working from the inside to the outside.
With palms relax your face making circles inside out from the bottom up.

Applying this, we will notice how massage on the face will
help us to tone the muscles of the face, to defuse tensions in the forehead, eyes, jaw and neck and maintain a smooth, healthy and beautiful face.
Do you dare to try?

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