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Facial photoprotector and makeup, perfect combination for a healthy face – Pharmacy Mail – Todo Dermo

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You need to use a facial sunscreen daily is a recommendation that are giving dermatologists and pharmacists. But how to apply and how to use it in combination with makeup? The answers to these questions do not always have the users and pharmacy, in this sense, can be a source of information and advice. According Florence Durán , professional make – up artist, the general advice is to apply sunscreen one or two minutes before the foundation.

Now we must take into account the texture of the site to know what to do . “If is an emulsion, gel or spray take less time to penetrate. If cream, which is a heavier texture, will take longer. ” In his opinion the formula face cream is the least likely “because fat and skin greasiness and clog pores”.

In either case it is necessary for the product to penetrate the skin before applying any foundation . But not everything depends on the photoresist also have to see what kind of foundation. Thus, the expert recommends acquiring a different summer, because the skin is pigmented by exposure to the sun, and “if you are still using the same tone as the face winter will be clearer than the body.”

The question of whether or not makeup the beach or pool
To the question of whether you can go to the beach or pool makeup, Duran says it can be done, but considering some issues. The foundations that are used daily in contact with water lose their uniformity and heat liquefy and vanish skin. It is therefore advisable best to use sunscreen with color, and at the same time protects the skin gives color naturally. ” Also he insists that sunscreen must be renewed every two hours and after swimming. What is not recommended to use powders, because the skin can not breathe and the product cake.

For lips, Duran ruled the common lip gloss neither. “The formulas of these products can burn the skin in this area.” Instead, balms or lipsticks committed protector with SPF.

Also ruled blushers and eye shadows , since they disappear when in contact with water. Not so with mascara. In fact, remember that in the market there are waterproof eyeliners and long lasting. Therefore ensure that stresses in the product the term waterproof (resistant to water) is indicated.

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