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It is difficult to recommend a cosmetic routine without seeing the overall skin condition, but we will see one that I hope will suit as possible to the needs of the patient. 

This type of combination skin with imperfections and not so young age, usually come treated with drying, little aggressive cleaning and moisturizing gels , by mere intuition matificar and thoroughly clean the skin. The values obtained in the dermoanálisis usually reflect a dehydrated and sebodesregulada skin. It is important to see the patient, his skin consists of water and fat (hydrolipidic) and to look for a steady state; moisturize, seborregular and cleanse the skin well to avoid the appearance of imperfections.

First important point to treat, cleaning . For this type of skin must seek an effective cleaning routine, to remove dirt, sweat and sebum, but that does not harm the skin, does not alter the pH and does not dry out . I recommend morning Effaclar gel La Roche Posay and evening desmaquillado with micellar water Sensibio of Bioderma and then Effaclar gel .

Regarding the dermocosmetic treatment , we must seek seborregular, moisturize and descaling. We can recommend the morning Effaclar Duo + La Roche Posay, even anti – acne treatment, non – drying and gives good results for descaling and cleaning blackheads, or Acniover of Martiderm. Night recommend 2 months treatment with blisters Alfa-Peeling of Martiderm hydrate and then recover Factor G renew Sesderma cream gel.

This routine is oriented dermocosmetic use a period of time, until we get clean, refine and adjust the skin . Then it would be replaced. Cleaning and weekly treatment will be essential in this type of skin, use 1 or 2 times a week as tolerated. Mechanical exfoliating scrub first and second purifying clay mask and descaling active, I recommend PureMask of Martiderm, it gives very good results.

As around the eyes, we can see that the patient has needs and based on that, recommend one or the other (sensitive eyes, fine lines, puffiness, dark circles …).

In the area more problematic to, with black spots, we can recommend use Pore Refiner Bioderma before makeup, reducing the accumulation of sebum and oxidation thereof and therefore, the formation of black spots.

It seems important, apart from cosmetic dermatology detail the routine, to stress upon use non – comedogenic makeup and tailored to your skin type . Day by day we see patients who carry a proper routine care, but who spend all day massaged with inadequate makeup, do not get the expected results.

Use appropriate cosmetics for the characteristics and needs of each skin is essential.


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