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Why do fair skin people get wrinkles easily?

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In any case, the doctor pointed out that aging as an individual is influenced by aspects such as race, gender, inheritance or healthy habits.

Another factor that influences aging is the fact of being male or female, because in the first case the skin takes longer to age but when it does it appears more abruptly.

Regarding inheritance, the face of women tends to resemble, in terms of volume and flaccidity, that of their mothers.

In relation to healthy and toxic habits, Viera indicated that “smoking ages”, in such a way that “for every 10 years of smoking there is an apparent aging of 2.5 years”. Thus, the sun also influences, being responsible for between 70 and 80 percent of the changes in texture, color and fine wrinkles.

Also, lose weight, pointed, age over 50 years; In addition, chronic diseases and prolonged medications tend to age.

On the other hand, Viera explained that aging has several facets, since the skin over time changes in texture, spots or flaccidity. To show these changes, the doctor was accompanied by two women, mother and daughter, aged 60 and 30, respectively.

He added that facial aging is three-dimensional, being a first dimension the outer, superficial plane, responsible for the texture of the skin, color and fine wrinkles; the second dimension is related to the dermal and muscular plane, responsible for static and dynamic wrinkles, as well as flaccidity and sagging.

While the third dimension is considered the deep or subdermal plane, which contributes due to the accumulations of fat, volume and projection to the face, that is, it has to do with the lights and shadows in the facial area.

The doctor said that although there are factors that can not be controlled, yes there are dermatological mechanisms to slow or slow down the evolution of aging, such as botox, dermatological peels or radiofrequency that prevents the onset of flaccidity.

In this regard, he indicated that peeling is recommended in young people, even to prevent skin cancer. In middle-aged people, what is most demanded, he said, is botox. Anyway, Viera advised the women protection, moisturize and renew.

On the other hand, the Clinic directed by Viera has set out to conduct a study to learn about aging in Canarian women. Specifically, from Monday, December 13, those women who wish may go to the center of Ivaliadermis where a study process for free.

Specifically, to be able to be the object of this study, you just have to be a woman and over 30 years old. This analysis is intended to be carried out on about 200 Canaries.

Regarding the end of it, is to know in a substantial way what are the characteristics of aging skin in Canarian women, as well as the factors that influence the appearance of wrinkles. The approach of this study, he said, is due to ” high index “of medical consultations received on facial aging, mainly.

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