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False myths about vitamin C

In Skin Care Tips

The Vitamin C is an essential nutrient that helps our body to perform basic functions for our daily lives and our skin maintain strong and healthy tone, avoiding and preventing the effects of aging.

It is quite common to
hear held misconceptions about this important vitamin. For example, it is not uncommon vitamin C consumption of oranges is associated, regardless of many other foods also contain it . Remember that man does not produce it and this is the reason you must obtain externally, basically using intake to meet your needs.

Vitamin C, also called
ascorbic acid, It is an essential nutrient that is, the body is unable to synthesize. Therefore, it requires ingestion or absorption to obtain and use in multiple metabolic reactions and physiological processes.

It is also important to
note that this is a water soluble vitamin, so it can absorb under aqueous base. We must also highlight its sensitivity to heat. Its deficit causes a disease called
scurvy .

It has many functions in the body and contributes to a
multitude of processes: processes involved in the immune system, is related to the energy cycles during exercise and promotes reduced muscle fatigue. It has other functions, such as participating in the absorption of iron. It also has a very important role for the skin, as it helps synthesize collagen and provides a powerful antioxidant effect.

vitamin C topical skin is a very effective in the prevention and treatment of aging antioxidant. Get protection from oxidative stress to our skin by neutralizing free radicals.

You must not associate to sun exposure, since vitamin C is unstable against solar radiation and therefore decreases its antioxidant properties.
If you enjoy the sun, we recommend using a suitable sunscreen to your skin and you avoid products containing vitamin C.

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