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Fatigue and itching, main problems in psoriasis – Pharmacist Post – Todo Dermo

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Itching, fatigue and worry are the problems that most affect patients with psoriasis. This is shown by research conducted at the Faculty of Health Sciences of the University CEU Cardenal Herrera , Valencia, which has studied the negative impact of psoriasis on the various dimensions of quality of life of patients who They suffer.

The study is the doctoral thesis of medical commander Isabel Hernández García, defended at that university. The research was conducted with 164 patients attending the Central Military General Hospital of Defense.

Three domains
The author has analyzed the three domains or areas of quality of life among patients with psoriasis: functional, emotional and symptomatic. In this most cited item was “skin itches” (54.17 percent) over others such as irritation or skin sensitivity. In the emotional domain, the item “I’m worried that my skin condition worse” was the one who got the highest scores (37.50 percent), followed by other feelings like anger or shame. And in the functional domain, the most common item was “my illness makes me tired” (12.50 percent) above the effect on social life and working life.

This study also shows that “the profile that best fits the effect on quality of life corresponds to patients with a cultural level no higher, under 40 and under stress “.

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