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Fatigue, how to avoid it …

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This word resonates all ears: we all at one time or another, been tired. Some are occasionally; others are constantly: that is, in this difference, that the word tiredness changes direction …
repairer not sleepBeing tired in the evening after a day of work or physical activity, is quite normal. The body and mind worked, their energy reserves are exhausted: he must sleep. Sleep is the indispensable companion of fatigue.
Restful sleep resource our bodies and our minds: we wake up in shape, “refreshed” as they say!

However, we do not all equal cope with fatigue: differences exist and one needs only 4 hours of sleep to regenerate, while in the other 8 hours are required.
It is therefore important to know not to tire our body “drawing” on its reserves: If you sleep 8 hours are needed daily, respect them … as a reward, you will feel alert and energetic!

However, there is another category of fatigue
nervous fatigue… It can not be regarded as “normal”: it is always a symptom of a deficiency in the body and has many causes. The most common today is stress. Insidiously hidden in every corner of our daily life, stress attacks us slyly.

Some examples ?

In this society where everything goes too fast, where everything is too hard, we can not cope: our body needs to stay balanced rhythms, time to rest.
So what’s happening? This wonderful machine, the human body malfunctions and as we do not want to lose any of our precious time to listen, we are living on our reserves, we use up to become “chronic tired”

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