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Firm face: Eight secrets to stay young

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It is common that often make mistakes when it comes to the care of our skin. Usually the most visible effects of the damage caused by the sun exposures exaggerated or application of products that can be harmful, are reflected in the face: our letter. 
The skin is the body’s largest and most exposed to external factors organ. As such, it is affected by anything which damages the body, both internally and externally. And as we grow wrinkles and blemishes begin to appear betraying the damage we have caused.

That is why take the necessary precautions before our epidermis age is paramount. 
The sooner and better take care of our skin, you suffer less damage over time.  Check out these simple tips to prevent skin aging that gave us Dr.  Rodrigo Contreras, the Lo Curro Clinic.
The sun is the main factor of skin aging. At any time, and any time of year,we must protect with sunscreen , because in winter suffer burns unnoticeable despite not feeling so hot.
According to Dr. Contreras “sunscreen should be used properly. Generally people apply it when they are exposed to UV rays, burned skin and it shows. Ideally always apply “before leaving home” and so entirely covering the areas that will be exposed. ”
Many people obsess over her face, but completely forget hands and neck. A mistake if we think that these two areas are equally exposed to the face and get a lot of solar radiation. Therefore, they should be protected using moisturizers and blockers which do not wear and can avoid the appearance of blackheads, dry and sagging.
Abusing cosmetic products may cause hypersensitivity, dermatitis, among others. In addition, excess makeup often clog pores clogging follicles eventually end up causing premature wrinkling and blackheads .

Although always associated with adolescence,
acne also affects older women, resulting hormonal changes that occur over the years. Therefore, it is advisable to use a good treatment to deal with this annoying condition, regardless of how old you are.
The specialist says that “exfoliants often irritated, mistreat the skin and are very aggressive products, since most are made from acid. People with sensitive skin should not use this type of treatment more than once a week. ” In this case it is better to use facial cleansers and moisturizers.
Wash your face before bed is more important than doing it in the morning. It is even recommended that all women who use cosmetics and makeup products do out of obligation. During the day toxins that nest in the environment, such as smog and dust clog pores, creating the appearance of black spots or pimples. Therefore it is advisable to use a cleanser before bed, facial cream or a good soap.

The doctor recommended
not to use various dermatological and cosmetic products at the same time or combine them , but promise different results. In addition, if complications such as allergy, present will be impossible to know what cream or tonic is causing it . Better to go slowly.

Good sleep brings several benefits.
Adequate and restful sleep is the key to healthy skin.
Rest and relaxation is pleasant, but also enhances the beauty and attractiveness.  The effects of good sleep influence the image we project.

During the day our face has to endure the sun, pollution and stress of our everyday happening, and it
is during the night when it is repaired.
In addition stress causes cortisol segregation rises, the hormone that can trigger the onset of acne. And there is no better treatment for this than a good rest.
Alcohol causes dehydration in the body and increased skin dryness. The idea is not to exceed the consumption of alcohol or if you want to have an attractive, bright and healthy skin.

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