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Firming the skin: cellulite

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Although the term ” cellulite ” strictly refers to a skin infection, we know and understand it as such a threat that we suffer so – called ” orange peel ” closely related to the loss of skin firmness and the gain of fatty material in the subcutaneous tissue .

cellulite is an aesthetic alteration of the surface of the skin due to accumulation of adipose tissue, which has no structural shape forming nodules, and located in a majority in the hips, thighs, buttocks and abdomen . It affects 85-98% of women from adolescence. It occurs most often in whites and to a lesser extent Asian women. It is very rare in men and, therefore, it is believed that the hormonal factor plays an important role in its development.

There are
several hypotheses on the pathogenesis of lipoid structural alteration of the skin that causes
decreased firmness :

Because it increases the accumulation of fat herniation this occurs to the dermis and
loss of homogeneity of the edge between the dermis and epidermis. This structural change is observed visually in the form of the dreaded nodular appearance of ” orange peel “.

The change in structure arises because connective tissue septa have
their normal oblique position are arranged vertically oriented. This produces a
decrease in tension , so that the fat does not build up as normal and its structure is altered.

The accumulation of
fat in the subcutaneous tissue can alter the capillary wall for storage of glycosaminoglycans. This would increase the pressure and would lead to a fluid retention in the dermis . This edema produce a decrease in venous return and inlet oxygen in tissues that complicate, so that a broken capillaries and formation microhaemorrhages would originate. Thus, they could not mobilize and accumulate without losing tension dermatologic own structure.

Increased adipocyte formation (
lipogenesis ) due to the action of female hormones (estrogen and prolactin) and high carbohydrate diets increase the concentration of fat in blood and, therefore, its accumulation. 

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