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First transplant of artificial skin made with the patient’s cells – Pharmaceutical Post – Todo Dermo

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The first transplant autologous human skin made from the patient ‘s cells for tissue engineering has been in Granada , according to the Spanish Academy of Dermatology and Venereology (AEDV). This project, pioneer in Spain , have carried out the Andalusian Initiative in Advanced Therapies, teams from the Department of Histology of the University of Granada, Unit Cell Production and Tissue Engineering Hospital of Granada and the Unit of Clinical Management Large Plastic Surgery and Burns Hospital Virgen del Rocio.

Salvador Arias, director of the Production Unit Cell and Tissue Engineering of the Hospital of Granada, led the research. “It has taken a sample of skin from the patient and have been able to expand the most important cells that form the skin , which are keratinocytes, predominant epidermal cells, and fibroblasts, most common connective tissue cells to generate a skin surface in a fibrin matrix and Aragosa , “Arias said.

  • This technique pioneered Spain is characterized by a new formulation

This model differs skin to rest for two reasons. First, its formulation comprising agarose – a chemical substance extracted from seaweed and so far we had used in skin – grafts improves adhesion and suture. In addition, we used a new nanostructuring pressure to improve the deformability of the skin.

The patient had burns on 70 percent of her body and her situation was critical. Now with this procedure it has been regenerated epidermis and these contrinuido to improving patient. Someters to this intervention, the process began in 2014 with compounds multidisciplinary team of doctors, pharmacists, engineers and specialized tissue in tissue engineering technicians. A paritir two skin samples 4 centimeters whole process was started.

To check its evolution, it has become skin analysis showing improvement for pH, skin temperature and water loss. According to the medical team, the skin is being implemented correctly.

A new case

A second patient with more than 70 percent of the burned body is awaiting another transplant, which already has the approval of the Spanish Medicines Agency compassionate use. 

When the results of these first two patients are analyzed, and if they are satisfactory, will present one clinical trial protocol to the Spanish Medicines Agency. This will be the first step to request authorization for hospital use.

The Minister of Health of Andalusia, Aquilino Alonso, has revealed that the Andalusian Initiative in Advanced Therapies also boost after the summer a clinical trial in patients with HIV and discordant immune response and another in patients with acute graft – versus – host in which other Spanish hospitals participate.


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