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Many people have filed abdomen.
Sagging arm Big thighs does not tighten Calves or obtuse not pretty Today, there are simple exercises that can be done anywhere as well. Whether at home or at work


     • Take a deep breath and feel the lungs expand and belly puffed out

     • Exhale pressure from the abdominal wall to the wind passes issued to all

     • stroke exhale, gently push the muscle. beef belly into a flat as possible

     • hold the contraction for 10 seconds

     • do not contiguous 10

     • done as often as needed


     • use a water bottle 500cc

     • bottle dew lifted the back of the head

‘m lifting up the rear. It feels strained arm muscles

     • Lift up slowly

     • Do 8-12 times

     • done as often as needed.


     • Stand catch the edge of the table
Then lift your legs off the side

     • high leg kick

     • Do not repeat 20-30 times, then switch sides

     • done as often as needed


     • Standing on the steps of half a foot to the heel broke through stepped out

     • Hold the handrails. stairs to stabilize

     • push yourself down to the heel lower than the ladder

     • press your heels down below the stairs as much as possible

     • 1-10 and then lift your heels up in the same plane

     • as often as possible. want


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