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This is the description of the different skin types and effects of ultraviolet radiation from the sun on each of the people according to the International Classification Fitzpatrick.


Action of sunlight on the skin (unprotected)  presents severe sunburn, almost is never pigmented and ostensibly desquamates.

Pigmentary characteristics:  individuals very fair skin, blue eyes, red hair and freckles on the skin. Your skin usually is not exposed to the sun and is milky white color.


Action of sunlight on the skin (unprotected):  it burns easily and intensely pigmented and slightly flaky markedly.

Pigmentary characteristics:  individuals with fair skin, blond hair, blue eyes and freckles, whose skin is not exposed habitualmenteal sun is white.


Action of sunlight on the skin (unprotected):  burns moderately pigmented correctly.

Pigmentary characteristics:  Caucasian races (European) white skin that is not usually exposed to the sun.


Action of sunlight on the skin (unprotected):  burns moderate or minimally pigmented and quite easily and immediately when exposed to the sun shape.

Pigmentary characteristics:  individuals skin lightly brown or brownish, with dark hair and eyes (Mediterranean, Mongolian, Oriental).


Action of sunlight on the skin (unprotected): r aramente burns, pigmented with ease and intensity (always presents immediate reaction pigmentation).

Pigmentary characteristics:  individuals brownish skin (Amerindians, Hindustani, Arabic and Hispanic).


Action of sunlight on the skin (not protected)  is never burns and intensely pigmented (always have immediate reaction pigmentation).

Pigmentary characteristics:  black races.

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