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To clean the

skin there are all types and for all skin types and functions.

But what are the essentials for daily use?
To answer

this question, Carmela Llorente, member of Dermopharmacy the
COF of Badajoz ,

reviewing CF basic cosmetics face cleaning.

  • Soaps, Syndets and combos are recommended for dry and oily skin young

Cosmetics for this purpose should remove dirt, for which there are different cleaning systems that act differently, allowing you to choose the most appropriate according to the needs of each.

In this regard, there are different cleaning systems that act differently, allowing you to choose the most appropriate according to the needs of each.

Llorente points between cosmetics detergents face the soaps , the syndets and the mixture of both are known as combos . These are recommended for people with dry skin and young people with oily or acneic skin.

“The cleaning emulsions have an excellent cleaning effect, often better than detergents” said the voice. “Massaged on the facial surface off dirt and traces of makeup , ” he continues. And thanks to its low effect degreaser are recommended for skin prone to dryness.

“The wipes contain a much smaller number of cleaners and active elements, so its results are not as deep. Furthermore, the fact of having to rub does that not all the skins well tolerated, especially the most sensitive , “he warns.

Other products include micellar waters formulated with fatty acid micelles suspension. These fatty acids, with a hydrophilic pole (attracts water) and a lipophilic (fat attracts), passing over the face with cotton traps grease and dirt inside. They are suitable for sensitive skin and every day can be used as many times as necessary.

They can be used to supplement the tonics , because just with the remains of the cleanser and reestablish the pH of the skin after cleansing. In addition, the well prepared to receive the next cosmetic treatment.

Facial cleansing does not end here. In fact, exfoliating creams close the process. This is because as Llorente says, “dead cells that accumulate on the skin surface remaining skin radiance, giving appearance off, aging skin.” Therefore, “delamination increases the cell regeneration process, favors oxygenation tissue and blood circulation and removes dirt, showing a brighter, young and unblemished skin “. However, this gesture should not be made on the outline of lips and eyes and should only be done once or twice a week. advise.

The ritual of continuous skin care with hydration, which depend on the degree of elasticity, flexibility and softness. Creams are usually applied by day, taking advantage of the extra supply of water to the skin and reducing the aggression of environmental factors such as sun and wind.

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