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Five tips to keep cholesterol at bay

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20% of the Spanish population does not know that cholesterol is a risk factor for cardiovascular disease. An alarming figure considering that such diseases are the leading cause of death in Spain. And, another result of this study shows that two out of every seven Spaniards believe that cholesterol has associated with any symptoms , fatigue and being the most frequently mentioned obesity. Another mistake that jeopardizes their health. Cholesterol does not warn, unless it appears high in a routine analysis. If that’s the case, you discover five things you can do to return to a normal figure. 

1. Bet on the green. We eat upside down as we ought: too many animal foods and few of plant origin. Why every day try to eat less meat and more whole grains, legumes, whole fruit (not juice) and vegetables (at least one salad a day). “The interesting thing about all these foods containing fiber is that by helping the intestinal transit also serves to somehow drag some of that excess cholesterol , ” says Diana Roig, dietician and Nutrition Institute Flora. And another tip: when choosing a food of animal origin, leaves the burger and favors the consumption of oily fish, their omega 3 and omega 6, help regulate cholesterol levels. 

2. Invest in a steamer. Culinary techniques also affect our cholesterol level. What are the most appropriate? In this order: steamed, boiled, oven and, the latest, fried.  

3. Change the oil often. Vegetable oils used to prepare your dishes and, if you use to fry, change it often, because the successive reheated have shown to have a negative impact on cholesterol levels.  

4. Use functional foods. Cholesterol limit is 200. If yours is among 200-250 in addition to changing diet can use functional foods. “These foods contain plant sterols, on reaching the intestine, make less cholesterol is absorbed and pass fewer blood and is eliminated with feces. These products with sterols can lower cholesterol up to 10% “, explains the expert. 

5. Move 30 minutes a day. Not everything is diet, exercise is also important. With only half an hour daily of any type of physical activity, increase good cholesterol levels and that helps the “bad” cholesterol down.

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