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Five tips to make you look at these parties

In Hair Care Tips

Christmas and New Year are dates that we like to see ourselves more beautiful, because they are special occasions where we share with family and friends. If you want to make an impression and not make “avoidable” errors with your outfit, follow these tips.

The year –
end festivities are over and usually the weather is going to make preparations. But we must not forget worry about our look at this time, because ultimately we are the protagonists.

This is an excellent opportunity to fix and feel beautiful, so we leave a
tips that causes sensation during these celebrations:
1. Less is

almost always in these important dates try to
use the best of our clóstet, however be careful Please do not use taken recharged, as if you were easter tree. Better get less stuff and more successful.

2. Color, my love

Leave aside the black and dare with colors;
you’ll look prettier and illuminated.

Hair 3. Taken

The heat is crazy, so combing a good idea to beat the high temperatures make a tomato or a ponytail.
Besides fresher sintirte, you’ll look slimmer.

4. Soft Makeup

In the warm seasons is convenient to
use little makeup and make it smooth. If you use liquid foundation chooses and if you are tanned ensures that the top circles do not conflict with both your skin. Another key point is mascara: Use little and if you do not get, because moisture tends to come.

5. Accessory Star

Make a difference with an accessory to go with you and your personality.
It can be a pretty purse or a thin handkerchief, everything served, while not as exaggerated.

Alongside this, do not stress so much and enjoy every moment of reunion with loved ones.

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