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Flash effect the secret of good makeup

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It is no use having makeup products quality, even have the work performed by a professional. If the skin is not well prepared, the result will always be inferior

To help you to know how much you can do for your complexion a simple treatment such as blisters flash effect. And it is not only effective as a pre-makeup, also meets the challenge of putting ‘good face’ instantly. since when do away with the signs of fatigue and tiredness just needs seconds to give your face a radiant lasting up to 8 hours effect. 

And if it comes to rapid effect it is necessary to mention blisters Germinal, a flagship product that should not lack never in the makeup bag. They have spent decades helping millions of women regain the vitality of your skin thanks to its instant lifting effect. 

The miracle that is simply science, due to the action of the corn protein, ginseng extract and active components . Also, very importantly, sets makeup longer life and reduces wrinkles by gently lifting effect immediately, to provide the skin tensioner, moisturizing, revitalizing and nutrients, activators of cell metabolism.

If you want to
have a good face despite the sorrows and your makeup last longer immutable, you have the solution with this cosmetic simple. 

Stepped ampoule application:

Carefully clean before applying facial skin. 

Then breaks the ampoule tip, empty its contents into the palm. 

Apply the liquid on the face by gently patting with fingers to the skin to absorb the product well. 

It is done! ready for makeup for several hours.



Blisters Germinal prices:

1 ampoule € 4.75

5 ampoules 14.65 €

10 ampoules 22.92 €

For sale in pharmacies

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