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Flight personnel are exposed to twice as much radiation as the general population – Pharmacist Post – Todo Dermo

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Radiation at the surface is largely filtered by the atmosphere, so, more less height ray radiation is much greater filtered. Flight personnel remains many hours to more than 10,000 meters high so they have more risk from the effects of solar radiation . “The airplane pilots are exposed to twice as much radiation than the general population to be closer to the sun. This is a group that should use adequate sun protection mandatory for their work , “says Eduardo Lopez Bran, Chief of Dermatology Hospital Clínico San Carlos.

  • Ultraviolet A radiation in the cabin increases proportionally with the flight altitude and orientation to the sun

Vidal Santiago Asensi is a member of the study team Sorafone ( Solar Radiation Air Force One ) and coordinator of the Spanish Photobiology Group (GEF) and Head of Dermatology Department of Central Hospital of Defense. This expert notes that ” airlines and aircraft manufacturers should seek advice from experts to conduct radiation controls in the cabin so they can take appropriate action for each plane.” Within the Sorafone , under the GEF, there have been various studies and developed a plan of ultraviolet radiation measurements in different planes Torrejon Air Base in Madrid. “The results indicate that in some commercial aircraft there is a high level of ultraviolet radiation A cabin , which increases proportionally with the flight altitude and orientation to the sun , ” says Vidal. Following these findings “is imposed advise the cabin crew of aircraft the systematic use of photoresist 50+ and would suit also recommended intake of oral photoprotective”.

Cabin crew is receiving ultraviolet rays, however , the passage coming only radiation due to the manufacture of windows, having different composition in the cabin from the rest of the plane” clear Vidal. Exposure to ultraviolet radiation produces short term pathologies as “burns, but also photoallergy and changes on the immune system” remembers. In the long term may appear spots, increased skin aging and skin cancer .

But not just airline pilots are at risk, we must also take care when traveling many hours by car or train . “Crystals have the ability to filter ultraviolet B radiation but let through ultraviolet A radiation , partly responsible for the harm caused by the sun on our skin , ” explains Elena González, professor of dermatology at the Complutense University in Madrid. Vidal adds that “although UVA not cause sunburn, intervene directly on skin aging and indirectly skin cancer ” plus “windshield glass filters out most of the UVA, while windows side make it less as a matter of manufacturing , “he explains.

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