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Four-handed relaxation massage, by Jennifer Freed

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New Year is approaching and we all need to stop and rest both physically and psychologically. In order to have that moment of “peace” in our busy lives, Tempus Thai offers a very good choice: relaxing massage four hands.   This technique from the Indian medicine (Ayurveda), combines massage therapies, music, relaxation and aromatherapy.
In just 45 minutes, two therapists working on the patient simultaneously, so a mirror, this means that both run through the patient ‘s body facing.

The Four Hands Massage,
is able to harmonize the nervous system and, at the same time relax the muscles of the body smoothly. It is a unique choreography. It makes therapists work and change maneuvers at the same time.

Sessions help further relaxation, reduces stress, improves blood circulation, help insomnia, concentration and stimulation of subcutaneous and muscle receptors.
As always in
Tempus Thai , each massage is accompanied by the ringing of bells, essential oils, music and a special tea output, which favors the mind and completely relax.

In order to flow and harmonize energy,
Tempus Thai makes almost that time of relaxation you feel connected in a true refuge, which is related to the spirituality of each person who becomes a participant of the Four Hands Massage . With much dedication and personalized attention, you can live a unique experience with these relaxation sessions. Each of these is accompanied with candles and a climate that simulates the tropical climate of Thailand.

Tempus Thai , four hands massage is carried throughout the body: face, chest, arms, abdomen, legs, back and head. It is a very complete and safe therapy will feel like new.

Jennifer Freed, the creator of Tempus Thai, has a magister at the National University of Singapore, and after touring the countries of the former Siam, decided to share the experience of massage, as performed in the east, as an instance of relaxation necessary in people’s life.

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