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Four party looks in 30 minutes for New Year’s Eve

In Hair Care Tips

Not just about choosing one hand and on the other make-up hairstyle. The secret to hitting is knowing how to combine both. I show how to make you four looks perfect for this New Year’s Eve party.

1. inverted and raspberry lips Braids

A look you love from the day you do something complicated but with excellent results.
Sit down and lowers his head with all your hair down. Make
braid root from the nape forward with all your hair. So you get braiding entire back of the head.

When you reach the top you’ll have some left over hair. You grab it with a rubber band with the remaining hair and make a bun as a climax, you are subject to forks and you have it ! Finish your look with raspberry lips , get well mask and a pink touch on the cheek, do not forget your perfect skin!

2. Tie Coleta and ‘cat liner’

This look
sesentera inspiration is ideal to wear a ponytail with more elegant for a party chic. We make a low ponytail , which is approximately the height of the neck. Grabbed coletero, without pressing much pigtail, we lower 7 cm opening a small space above the rubber band between the grip pigtail and scalp. Now we turn in the queue and introduce into that hole to remove it .

Once rotation having inwardly we press queue up. Finally put a little luminizador spray or some Argan oil finish, to give the hair a touch brighter. Maquíllate with an elongated eyeliner corners, the lips with a nude lipstick pink with glitter on your cheeks and put a broncer touch and you ‘ll be perfect.

3. monkey dancer and ‘smokey’ copper

moños parted in the middle are one of the keys of the season for your prom hairstyles. It’s easy, fast and elegant. Engomina and make all your hair parted in the middle. Make a low ponytail and put a donut bow so that the hair is well rounded. We cover the donut with forks and apply lots of lacquer. You can put some flowers or jewelry peineta to give the hair a different air.

Finish your look making up your eyes in a smokey copper tones , begins with a chocolate shade and put it on the eyelid. Put the copper shade over the outside corner affects the eyelid, blend well with fingers, labeled with a liner line tabs up and down and ends with two good mask layer. A touch of color in orange cheeks and a light pink lipstick and thus have an elegant and sexy look.

4. Plait headband and red lips

This look goes out
of style and this season he also bet on with
bangs . It is simple even if you look like a holiday hairstyle difficult. To make a braid headband, Separate your hair into two halves and braid each half, the result will be two low pigtails . Now rises to the height where your bangs begins both braids and bow forks, joins the two halves, hidden and gums end of each braid.

Paint your lips in a passionate red and even red wine transparent and homogeneous skin. Put cheeks a pink blush, illuminator something above and a good dose of mask and have a look romantic ideal for any party.


– Sérum Eclat Hydrating before makeup from Make Up Forever (30 € approx.)
Mattifying Powder matificadores powders waterproof CATRICE (6 € approx.)
– Mask (. 11 € approx) Haute Tolerance of Couvrance paraben for sensitive eyes
– mascara perversion of Urban Decay (20 € approx.)
– Stick Concealer for marked dark circles Couvrance (12 € approx.)
– Corrector CC (. 34 € approx) Perfection Collistar
– sun Glow shimmering of Catrice a touch of sun on cheeks (8 € approx.)
Diamon shadow makeup Forever one shade too bright (13 € approx.)
– shadow Palette Stila (13 € approx.)
– makeup brush soft Zoeva and not drag the makeup in Maquillalia .com (8 € approx.)
– Kiss Beauty Pop Color Sticks by Marc Jacobs (25 € approx.)
– Lancôme Rouge Smokey long – term (23 € approx.)
– Urban Decay Super satured opaque High Gloss and long – lasting (15 € approx.)
For hair volume and texture powder VOLU minizador Batiste (8 € approx.)
– Laca Natural Fixonia (5 € approx.)
Frizz Easy John Frieda Go Curler to give more texture (9 € approx.)
Stylius Water combing (4 € approx.)
– Iron hair Babyliss Diamond Styler 2 (50 € approx.)
– Iron hair Mini straightening and curling Curl (20 € approx.)
– Iron hair (. 59 € approx) Remington Pro

Happy Holidays!!! Until my next post! Xxxx


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