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Four tips to hydrate properly

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We know that hydration is a fundamental part of our lives, because not only do we see healthy, but we also deliver more energy and vitality . However, for many taking two liters of water are recommended usually becomes a difficult task, mainly because of how boring it feels taking only water.
That is why the market offers a huge variety of drinks, juices and flavored waters that allow us to play and vary when choosing what to take. But are they good for our health? Are there any additional benefits? We talked with experts in nutrition who, besides giving us your opinion, shared with us tips to rehydrate well.
Water par excellence is  the best source of hydration we have therefore is our best option. But if you get bored of drinking water, so  we recommend avoiding sodas and opt for natural homemade juices or flavored water with natural fruit pieces.
Currently the market offers another alternative that is very fashionable: drinks and vitamin waters, as well as moisturize and just bring a small dose of vitamins to your body. While these drinks are a better alternative to soft drinks or artificial juices, similarly they contain high levels of sugar.

nutrition expert Bethlehem Barros,
Keep Balance Integral Nutrition , before taking any kind of liquid “ is extremely important to read nutrition labels that have, since there are some brands that incorporate them sugar or additives making them not so healthy.”

If you’re on a plan to lose weight or maintaining it, take some types of flavored waters indiscriminately will not help you achieve your goal,
“because they contain sugar, which makes them a very calorie product , explains the expert Keep Balance . That is why the specialist recommends carefully read labels and prefer water before anything else.

If you are someone who is starting to go to
gym to get fit, taking isotonic drinks may not help you lose weight,
“as these drinks are designed for certain occasions, such as when performing exercises over an hour duration, when training is high intensity or when environmental conditions are adverse, since these products contain more calories than a normal drink “ , explains the expert.

Explains the nutritionist, soft drinks have many additives such as sweeteners, flavorings and colorings.
“Whether they are lights or not, these products can cause excess damage to health , ” he warns.

The best recommendation is
go natural, so pure water is the solution. If you are a person who hatesdrink water then experts recommend flavoringwith fruit such as slices of lemon, orange, apple or cucumber.
“So we got used to that everything should not be so sweet, as when one habit is already done, there is nothing better calm the thirst to drink water”.

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