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FPS proteoglycans, protect yourself from the sun with our orange blisters

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In our last post we have spoken so much of our green blisters proteoglycan as our red box liposomes . Today we give them our word “oranges” blisters. While, for example, liposomes are indicated in people with reactive skin, the FPS proteoglycans are ideal for those who are long under the effects of the sun .

These are the only vials that have
sun protection factor , hence the acronym FPS. Proteoglycan 3% and 5% of pure vitamin C: in composition of the two main ingredients blisters baseline reappear. Our most precious formula. 😉

With these blisters, as with our traditional range, we get deep hydration, improve elasticity and firmness of the skin, correct the effects of free radicals and shed light on our face.

In addition to these benefits, and unlike the others, blisters proteoglycan FPS also
protect against sun damage (thanks to its sunscreen). If you want to know how to protect your skin in summer, you can read this postWhere we tell you how to know the skin type and how to protect it from the sun.

As we mentioned in our first article, we
do not recommend depending on age, but we seek to improve the condition and appearance of the skin
according to the needs of each person.

Its use can be continued, since it
is not required rest periods . For example, we can replace them with blisters proteoglycans Platinum or Black Diamond online when we need more intensive treatment. Remains attentive to our blog if you want to know.

We recommend
applying half blister on the face, neck and neckline , long before the usual cosmetic treatment (either serum or cream). These blisters, to include a sunscreen filter, are designed to apply in the mornings. We must always remember that their consumption, since the opening of the ampoule must be done in a maximum of two days to get the greatest benefits of the product before it reaches vitamin C oxidize.

After absorption, as we said, we can apply the usual treatment, both serum and cream.
Each product has a complementary function and a different penetration, which reach different work skin needs much more specifically. Its sunscreen acts at the cellular level and allows the penetration of active product that we want to apply as usual treatment after the ampoule.

Today we have told our proteoglycans properties FPS.
If you are interested in these tips on how to use our products or just want to know more about MartiDerm, please keep soldiering on this blog. We continue publishing new content each week.

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