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Fungal infections, the most common of cutaneous mycosis – Pharmacist Post – Todo Dermo

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“From dermatophyte infections fungi, what is known as tinea or ringworm broadly represent about 70 percent of skin mycoses. Due to yeasts, primarily candidosis, another 20, and the remaining 10 percent correspond to tinea versicolor infection binds specific lipophilic yeasts (Malassezia).

  • Onychomycosis often require taking an antifungal daily

Probably that motivate a greater number of consultations are currently dermatophytosis of the feet and nails. ” He explains Vicente Crespo Erchiga, coordinator of the Group of Mycology of the Spanish Academy of Dermatology and Venereology , with which this space is inaugurated, which once a month different groups of the Academy explain what the challenges and latest developments registered in various fields of dermatology.

According to Crespo, “none of these superficial mycoses is of real gravity.” However, it notes that “can be very annoying, unsightly and have a chronic course and, in certain cases, such as ringworm of the head or nails, require long and complex treatment.” Fortunately, the expert says that treatments, “although they may be lengthy, are not uncomfortable”.

“For example, onychomycosis often require taking an antifungal daily (one tablet) for three months and the application of a kind of lacquer twice a week”. In this regard, one of the challenges in this field would “have a short – term treatment for these cases.” And this is precisely where they are producing significant progress, according to the coordinator of the group.

They are being tested some new molecules orally and improved galenic formulas and also being employed in onychomycosis, photodynamic therapy and various types of laser, but the results of these latter techniques seem questionable”.

When prolonged treatment adherence becomes an important factor in the evolution of the disease. According to Crespo, these patients are good performers will depend “largely on the ability of the physician conviction” and that it has adequate means “to confirm and ensure the diagnosis.” And, although “clinic skin mycoses usually quite characteristic” said, “and does not represent problem diagnosis for an experienced dermatologist, there are exceptions and, if lesions are modified by an inopportune treatment (eg creams corticosteroid), as often happens, they can be very misleading. ” In these situations, dermatologists recommend “that they can always support in laboratory techniques, especially fresh examination and cultures”.

Besides drug therapy, Crespo insists ” avoid predisposing factors such as moisture, heat or maceration of the affected areas ” to prevent these dermatological diseases. Cosmetic treatments, in this sense, have little role in their approach and prevention.

DNA group

Year established: 1991

Members: 22 dermatologists

Internals: since its founding, the group has met annually in different locations of the National Congress of AEVD. These annual meetings have always served for conducting training courses for dermatologists.

Objectives: To increase the impact of cutaneous mycology in AEDV and promote research, teaching and the group’s presence in different national and international mycological forums


In addition to courses on mycology for dermatologists in different Spanish provinces, it organized Monographs Ph.D. courses and directed a significant number of theses focused on different facets of Dermomicología.

The group stands out for the high number of articles published in national and international scientific journals. Over the years these items exceed 50. They

have presented papers, oral presentations and posters nations and international congresses
Future projects:

currently are several articles accepted for publication in the British Journal of Dermatology, Journal of Mycologie médicale and the Iberoamerican Journal of Mycology.

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