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Founded in 1978, Galénic is the first beauty brand that emerged from pharmacy Pharmaceutical Laboratories Pierre Fabre . The story begins in 1961 with M. Pierre Fabre, pharmaceutical young passionate about nature, which creates Pierre Fabre Laboratories. Visionary pioneer pharmaceutical market natural cosmetic dermatology and guided by a new idea: from health to beauty in the pharmacy That’s how Galénic Laboratories born in 1978 as a new concept: a beauty brand in pharmacy.

Every experience is the fruit of the work of excellent researchers who develop innovative and effective care, conceived as an irreproachable scientific rigor since the discovery of the asset to marketing the finished product.

The activity of Research and Development Galénic is based on the synergy of the three points involved in each stage of development of a cosmetic care.

The molecular research analyzes the molecular and cellular mechanisms of skin physiology , in order to identify potential targets different innovative assets that have been selected according to Botanical Expertise Pierre Fabre.

Galenic research selects the best of care formulation will both provide the skin assets resulting from molecular research, and also provide comfort and pleasure polisensorial use.

For clinical research evaluates carefully developed through a sensory analysis; clinical studies and cosmeto surveillance in order to ensure the quality, effectiveness and tolerance before and after marketing.

The Galénic research is supported by numerous scientific collaborators (CNRS, Universities …). This collaboration is the source of many patent registrations on the latest scientific research.

Experts in skin care, Galénic laboratories have the latest scientific discoveries and technological tools to preserve the youthfulness of your skin.

Developed with dermatologists, the dermo-analyzer tool is a cutting – edge skin diagnosis and personalized advice. Its probe and its high – definition camera can make a profound and complete accurate analysis of your skin.

In addition to diagnosis, to gain insight into the type of care that you use regularly, preferences and concerns of beauty. The Galénic counselors may well recommend the care best suited to your skin. Waiting to make his diagnosis with dermo-analyzer at your pharmacy, you can realize your diagnosis on line.

FOUNDATION Mohammed VI of Morocco
pioneer and expert in the use of argan oil for more than 25 years, Galénic acquires a commitment to the Mohammed VI Foundation for Research and protection of the Arganier. Galénic thus contributes to:

– Replant argan
– Develop and protect the natural balance of ecosystems
– Improving living standards of local populations
– Develop scientific research on the argan

National Nutrition Office (ONN) OF MADAGASCAR
In the framework of a social and humanitarian mission to help the Malagasy population with food difficulty, Galénic is committed to the NSB to guarantee food support to children and their families.

Botanical expert
Galénic active plant develops according to the protocol * the Botanical Expertise Pierre Fabre, for the responsible development of innovative, safe and effective plant assets.
This commitment translates into research and innovation on plants, conservation of biodiversity, the pharmaceutical culture and respect for humanity, joined the “savoir faire”) of the entire production chain, from cultivation of the plant to integration of plant active in the finished products.

* Protocol European EFQM granted by the AFNOR Group, an independent body.

Experts in dosage since its inception, the Galénic Laboratories propose extraordinary care with textures that combine efficiency, comfort and softness

Currently, Galénic has 30 years experience in pharmacy and dermo-cosmetic research allowing you to formulate increasingly innovative and sophisticated care.
Each of our care is formulated to reveal the effectiveness of assets through assimilable by the skin textures, with a diffusion controlled assets and exceptional multisensory pleasure when used. Each texture is unique and provides a specific response to the needs of your skin at every age of beauty.


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