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Genové presents its sites against oxidative damage – Correo Farmacéutico

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Genové Laboratory has launched Genosun Tópico , the first range of sunscreens that incorporates technology Astaxactive “to provide effective protection against oxidative cell damage , ” according to explain those responsible for the firm. This innovation incorporates a combination of astaxanthin, β-carotene and vitamin E to precise dosages, that protect the skin effectively against UV rays.

The range of photoresists adapts to the needs of the skin of the whole family, providing high waterproof sunscreen, octocrylene free, allergens and parabens. “Thanks to its smooth texture with dry touch, each product is easily extended, allowing rapid absorption without white effect and low eye irritation” report from the laboratory.

The range consists of:

  • Solar Fotoprotector Genosun Facial antiaging Fluid SPF 50+ is a face shield suitable for all skin types, especially sensitive hiperpigmentaciones.Su antiaging formula with light phototypes, ciatrices or “contributes to the phytic acid skin, polyphenols, proteins, vitamins and Mineral salts”. It also incorporates fosforida vitamin E, a complex designed for sensitive skin.
  • Genosun Sunscreen Lotion SPF 50 Family specifically designed to ensure the protection of the skin of the whole family deal with even the most sensitive or white sunlight. It is containing 400 ml.
  • Genosun Sunscreen Spray SPF 50 sunscreen High protection spray suitable for all types of even the most sensitive skins or white. In this case, it is important to shake the product before use and applied to a distance of about 15 cm.
  • Genosun Fotoprotector Kids Spray SPF 50 sunscreen high protection spray, especially suitable for children from 3 years hydrates and regenerates the skin.

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